Friday, June 26, 2009

table manners crew @ plush june 13th 2009

my homeboys from the table manners crew ripped it up, as usual, at your favorite neighborhood dive-bar/dj mecca: PLUSH! digg was once again deadly on the 1's & 2's.
got to hang w/my homegirl gio & her son/my homeboy michael, they were visitin' austin one last time before their move to rochester, ny. while i'm sure we'll all see each other again, it was comforting to know that y'all were a short drive away. i love you & michael like familia! wish you the best!
check out the good times!

oh, yeah! check out the third to last pic in the set... that's one of my new homies cristien about to go throw down on some chick who was steppin' up to her girl kim! it was a pretty fuckin' crazy scene!

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