Tuesday, June 30, 2009

sonido boombox happy hour #2 @ sazon ft. peligrosa all-stars june 24th 2009

this summer's 2nd episode of metv's sonido boombox was a SCORCHIN' one! not only did the peligrosa all stars kept it bumpin' w/some ass shakin' cuts, arthur yoria showed some skills on the mic/guitar/harmonica/various effects pedals, paul saucido interviewed cindy casares from guanabee, nelson from maneja beto, arthur yoria and john from el tule, also i think the patio @ sazon got to 100+ °f. geesh!!!
it was a great evenin' for great music & cold tecates w/great friends. y'all should come out to the next one! mañana from 5 to 9pm @ 1816 s. lamar blvd.
let's all get loaded!

a lil' party fo' yo' body!!!

hey hey y'all!!!
i want to deviate from the usual foto slide shows for some upcoming events.
next week i will be travelin' to new york city for the 1st time in my life! woot woot!!
i will be revelin' in the big apple w/my homeboys, peligrosa all stars: hobo d, manolo black, orion & pagame.
these are some of the events i'll be a part of:

[click on each image for more details]

if i make it back from new york, i'll be shooting my homegirls' cristien & kim's fashion week show for dévushka clothing @ silhouette sushi on 7/16 & promo party on 7/18 @ complete clothing.
check it!

Monday, June 29, 2009

american sharks @ fast folks cyclery + some bs'n with my homies june 20th 2009

got an early start saturday w/some beer drinkin', fixed gear ridin' & good time rock n' rollin' thanks to the kids @ fast folks cyclery on e. 6th.
unfortunately i missed the race from fast folks to no-comply & back. though i'm sure my ass would've been handed to me right quick! i also missed the trick contest [dang! what the hell was i doin' the whole time?! oh, yeah... drinkin' beer].
the american sharks were right down raw & dirty! they played 4-5 songs & 2 of 'em were named cocaine. hope to see these boys again.
check it:

these are some of my friends...
thanks lacy for hookin' it up w/the fancy drinks!
thanks rob for lettin' us get crazy on the drums @ music gym!
i think that mirror was inside the foto booth @ red 7... i think?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

mrs. glass @ barcelona, live @ the jackalope, pack of wolves @ red 7, peligrosa @ creekside june 19th 2009

barcelona's new friday night happy hour is surprisingly deviant from their usual electro dance parties. mrs. glass will be bringin' the blues every friday from 7-9pm. before your friday night debauchery, check out mrs. glass, have bryan serve you a cold one & enjoy some kick ass blues.
bryan, dave & i bounced over to the jackalope for what i though was transmography... apparently i was pretty waaaaay off, but i did catch a few pix of a band that played before them. oops!

i somehow made it over to red 7 for the 3rd edition of grumpy fuck fest! jared's birthday celebration was pretty fuckin' rockin'! i got to catch pack of wolves rip'n it up in front of a very enthused crowd. it was an amazing show!

of course, as part of any friday night, i had to go see my peligrosa all stars homies @ creekside lounge. it was a special night, a listening party for nacional records' new release by los amigos invicibles & zzk records' zzk sound vol. 2. thanks to pagame, hobo d, orión & manolo black! can't wait for LAMC in BKNY kids! it's gonna be EPIC!
check out the revelry:

Friday, June 26, 2009

sonido boombox happy hour @ sazon ft. peligrosa all-stars + unwed fathers @ agave june 17th 2009

as y'all can probably already tell from all the foto sets, i've been hangin' out w/the peligrosa all stars quite a bit. they've anointed the honor of unofficial fotographer ;)
dj orión asked me take pictures @ their 1st gig w/metv's sonido boombox show. my man frank mendoza peep'd me to paul saucido & the saucido slant blog. paul's the host of sonido boombox & he had used some of my fotos from the ozomatli gig @ republic square park. we met @ sazon & he told me that if i took pictures of the filming, he'd use 'em on his blog. it was a great time hangin' w/manolo black, hobo d & dj orión, gettin' some good fotos of the interviews, drinkin' some coooold tecates & shootin' the shit for the 1st time w/dj pagame aka jaimito! oh! & i got to meet one of my ex's nemesis... it was a pleasure lydia!
check out some o' the good shit!

my big brother dave played a quick set on a slow night @ agave on 6th. for some of austin's n00bs, a lil' bit of local history; agave used to be what plush is now. this is where bands like games & theory, bitter tongues, in praise of folly, bohemian grove disco, assacre, oceanus, mad vega, the kirby, indofin, transmography, gary clark jr., jamie bullard, mayor, steers, velorum, the tuna helpers & many more came up. check out some of the links & take a trip back in recent history.
davey played a short set for the true believers:

table manners crew @ plush june 13th 2009

my homeboys from the table manners crew ripped it up, as usual, at your favorite neighborhood dive-bar/dj mecca: PLUSH! digg was once again deadly on the 1's & 2's.
got to hang w/my homegirl gio & her son/my homeboy michael, they were visitin' austin one last time before their move to rochester, ny. while i'm sure we'll all see each other again, it was comforting to know that y'all were a short drive away. i love you & michael like familia! wish you the best!
check out the good times!

oh, yeah! check out the third to last pic in the set... that's one of my new homies cristien about to go throw down on some chick who was steppin' up to her girl kim! it was a pretty fuckin' crazy scene!

betaplayer @ carlos & charlie's on lake travis june 13th 2009

ibrahim, lyricist for betaplayer, asked me to shoot their set @ 101x's surf sesh concert during r.o.t. rally weekend.
god damned! it was a hot one! while most of the carlos & charlies' patrons were seekin' shelter from the scorchin' rays, these kids were rockin' it on the red bull stage.
check out their style next up:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a bailar cabron & empty bottles @ creekside lounge, june 12th 2009

i apologize if this post doesn't make any sense, but i'm totally fatigued & nearly delirious.
from what i remember this night was pretty fuckin' awesome! i got to chill w/my holmes javier @ industry. it was a mellow night, w/king louie & john gomi on the wheels of steel, a keg & good people. louie talked me into tossin' my bike in the back of his roomie's suv so i could help 'im take his gear to creekside. r.o.t. rally weekend made us park like 5 blocks away, luggin' 2 heavy turntables, a mixer & a laptop. met up w/el mero dave, orión, mexijen, vanessa & heather. a bailar cabron was a success once again!
check the scene:

to add on to the silliness dave & i ran into tyson [of pack o' squirrels fame]. turned out that his murder city devils cover band, empty bottles, was playin' the inside stage @ creekside. i somehow managed to get in w/out payin', but missed about half the set. tyson & dave got totally shithouse! so much that teeson ended up a wreck on stage... it was still a fun/fun/fun time & i think the pix show it.
good night!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

drums of death, ian north & irresponsible voltron @ barcelona, june 11th 2009

all the hipsters' favorite raunchy goddess was supposed to play a show @ emo's last thursday nite. the boys from learning secrets convinced her and drums of death to play a lil' after party @ barcelona. it was designed to be EPIC! the show was slated to start @ 2 'til whoknows a.m.! peaches got stuck in dfw [thanks assholes!] for allegedly gettin' too rowdy in the plane... wonder if it was in the cockpit?!
drums of death, et. al. still kept the party bumpin' HARD 'til sometime after 4am. thanks to irresponsible voltron for gettin' things warmed up & to ian north for bringin' d.o.d. & closin' the night out. OF COURSE! the peen scene was all over the place for this one, check out their take on the revelin'. a special thanks to ryan & garret of the barcelona crew for gettin' me real lit! i managed to pass out in my car & woke up @ 8:30a.m. in front of that church on brazos & 9th. PERFECT!
check it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

bankrupt & the borrowers tour going away party @ hole in the wall, june 9th 2009

your favorite local/grungy/bluesy rockers the bankrupt & the borrowers set sail on their tour last tuesday. they kicked it off w/an awesome set @ hole in the wall. friends jesse moore & the east cameron collective & clyde & clem's whiskey business opened up the show to glorious cheers from adoring fans!

i went w/the b&w look for the b&tb's set, hope y'all like it!
check the technique:

autons @ red 7, then a lil' debauchary june 4th 2009

howdy y'all! tony of the autons asked me to take pictures of their show @ red 7. unfortunately i showed up a bit late, but w/enough time take a few shots of the boys doin' their thing. big ups to the staff @ red 7 for lettin' me take pics & to josh for havin' such mad skills on the sound board! big ups to awesome sound-systems! suck it emo's! [just a suggestion]

thanks to my partner in dj'n crime james for convincing me to stay out all fuckin' night & hatin' life the next day ;) "we'll sleep when we die!" check'd out 1st thursdays' the 90s party @ club de ville w/orión & doneski. hoof'd it to barcelona for another wild life! party. thanks to $2 josh/joushua distance, richard.gear, dubbel dutch & kingdom for the great tunes! also, eyeplug for providin' the kick ass projections.
my buddies from the peen scene were out & about, it's always great hangin' out w/'em! check out their fotos from this show here.
revelin' in my own stupidity, i stopped by the music gym for the summer sizzle fashion show after/after-party, where i got to hang out w/rob from good looks photography. can't stop/won't stop!
here's the evidence:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

unwed fathers & amplight skyline @ clementine coffee bar june 2nd 2009

the chronos gets all outta whack! grab a hold of somethin' 'cause earth might stop spinnin'. this entry should've been posted before the ozomatli @ the park show.
been mega busy lately & didn't get around to posting this set 'til now. my broder dave & the unwed fathers played their monthly @ clementine coffee bar w/an acoustic set by amplight skyline. i've been told that the unwed fathers & friends night is the best show for clementine! there are 3 reasons for this:

1. the fathers BRING IT!!!
2. the fathers have awesomely talented musician friends
3. the fathers have tons of alcoholic amigos!!! yay!

check out MY friends:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

peligrosa all-stars & ozomatli @ republic square park june 3rd 2009

big ups to orión, hobo d & manolo black of the peligrosa all-stars for gettin' me "backstage" access to this great show w/ozomatli, in the middle of downtown austin. it's sooooo great to live in a city where people of all backgrounds can come together in the middle of the week, after a hard day's work, under the shade of tall buildings & beautiful trees & enjoy some great tunes. all of it just by donating some bux to a local non-profit, blue dog rescue.

peligrosa got the crowd ready w/some tasty cumbia/hip hop/merengue/salsa cuts. it was my 1st time seein' ozo & they surely didn't disappoint. those boys can play, but i'm sure y'all know & if you don't, get wise!

here's the evidence:

later update...

after the park i stumbled over to red 7 w/my homeboy james to check out orión's hip hop set. DANG! this dude never stops! wonder what he's runnin' on?! thanks to james' connections we got in to emo's to check out the much hyped passion pit show. on our way in joey p was blastin' the inside stage w/shitty carwash.

rant time: i fuckin' hate the emo's soundsystem! the end. [fyi: this rant would've been much longer had i paid to get in]

here are a few shots of what i saw:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

peligrosa all-stars & bankrupt & the borrowers @ creekside lounge ft. mexijen's birfday/dance party may 30th 2009

dang! i'm still recoverin' from this night of debauchary. my homegirl mexijen/ aka jc aka not-jesus-christ aka jennifer aka jen-jen celebrated her 24th w/some of the avant crew, including my new crush heather g. ;) [i'm pretty confident that she won't be readin' this blog & i'll never have the balls to tell it to her face]

we got ourselves some tasty sushi @ silhouette on congress [btw, can't believe mexi can't eat spicy & drink hot sake! almost unforgivable!]. i stopped by to see my homeboys brian/ryan/garret @ barcelona. thanks to $2 josh of the wild life! crew for gettin' me in through the back-door! [don't get any kinky ideas bitches!] rode out to creekside where hobo d & manolo black of the peligrosa all-stars [orión was spinnin' a house party that i'm sure was rowdy as hell] were gettin' the party started. had completely forgot that hobomouth & bankrupt & the borrowers were playin' as well. sorry for missin' your set allen! got a ton of great pics of the b&tb kids. after the guitars stopped wailin' i stepped back out to the dance floor & got my dance on w/lots of beautiful ladies. thanks austin heat!

that's it for my stupid words! here are my stupid images: