Monday, June 15, 2009

autons @ red 7, then a lil' debauchary june 4th 2009

howdy y'all! tony of the autons asked me to take pictures of their show @ red 7. unfortunately i showed up a bit late, but w/enough time take a few shots of the boys doin' their thing. big ups to the staff @ red 7 for lettin' me take pics & to josh for havin' such mad skills on the sound board! big ups to awesome sound-systems! suck it emo's! [just a suggestion]

thanks to my partner in dj'n crime james for convincing me to stay out all fuckin' night & hatin' life the next day ;) "we'll sleep when we die!" check'd out 1st thursdays' the 90s party @ club de ville w/orión & doneski. hoof'd it to barcelona for another wild life! party. thanks to $2 josh/joushua distance, richard.gear, dubbel dutch & kingdom for the great tunes! also, eyeplug for providin' the kick ass projections.
my buddies from the peen scene were out & about, it's always great hangin' out w/'em! check out their fotos from this show here.
revelin' in my own stupidity, i stopped by the music gym for the summer sizzle fashion show after/after-party, where i got to hang out w/rob from good looks photography. can't stop/won't stop!
here's the evidence:

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