Tuesday, June 16, 2009

drums of death, ian north & irresponsible voltron @ barcelona, june 11th 2009

all the hipsters' favorite raunchy goddess was supposed to play a show @ emo's last thursday nite. the boys from learning secrets convinced her and drums of death to play a lil' after party @ barcelona. it was designed to be EPIC! the show was slated to start @ 2 'til whoknows a.m.! peaches got stuck in dfw [thanks assholes!] for allegedly gettin' too rowdy in the plane... wonder if it was in the cockpit?!
drums of death, et. al. still kept the party bumpin' HARD 'til sometime after 4am. thanks to irresponsible voltron for gettin' things warmed up & to ian north for bringin' d.o.d. & closin' the night out. OF COURSE! the peen scene was all over the place for this one, check out their take on the revelin'. a special thanks to ryan & garret of the barcelona crew for gettin' me real lit! i managed to pass out in my car & woke up @ 8:30a.m. in front of that church on brazos & 9th. PERFECT!
check it!

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