Saturday, June 27, 2009

mrs. glass @ barcelona, live @ the jackalope, pack of wolves @ red 7, peligrosa @ creekside june 19th 2009

barcelona's new friday night happy hour is surprisingly deviant from their usual electro dance parties. mrs. glass will be bringin' the blues every friday from 7-9pm. before your friday night debauchery, check out mrs. glass, have bryan serve you a cold one & enjoy some kick ass blues.
bryan, dave & i bounced over to the jackalope for what i though was transmography... apparently i was pretty waaaaay off, but i did catch a few pix of a band that played before them. oops!

i somehow made it over to red 7 for the 3rd edition of grumpy fuck fest! jared's birthday celebration was pretty fuckin' rockin'! i got to catch pack of wolves rip'n it up in front of a very enthused crowd. it was an amazing show!

of course, as part of any friday night, i had to go see my peligrosa all stars homies @ creekside lounge. it was a special night, a listening party for nacional records' new release by los amigos invicibles & zzk records' zzk sound vol. 2. thanks to pagame, hobo d, oriĆ³n & manolo black! can't wait for LAMC in BKNY kids! it's gonna be EPIC!
check out the revelry:

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