Monday, June 29, 2009

american sharks @ fast folks cyclery + some bs'n with my homies june 20th 2009

got an early start saturday w/some beer drinkin', fixed gear ridin' & good time rock n' rollin' thanks to the kids @ fast folks cyclery on e. 6th.
unfortunately i missed the race from fast folks to no-comply & back. though i'm sure my ass would've been handed to me right quick! i also missed the trick contest [dang! what the hell was i doin' the whole time?! oh, yeah... drinkin' beer].
the american sharks were right down raw & dirty! they played 4-5 songs & 2 of 'em were named cocaine. hope to see these boys again.
check it:

these are some of my friends...
thanks lacy for hookin' it up w/the fancy drinks!
thanks rob for lettin' us get crazy on the drums @ music gym!
i think that mirror was inside the foto booth @ red 7... i think?

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