Monday, August 31, 2009

peligrosa all stars ft. chorizo funk @ creekside lounge, august 21st, 2009

this may have been the last peligrosa all stars gig @ creekside lounge. boo for creekside. check out their next gigs @ back alley social w/kanko on 9/5 & the parish 9/26 w/uproot andy & geko jones from new york city.
orión, hobo d, pagame, manolo black & chorizo funk kept the party jumpin' 'til the staff yelled us all out.

l.a.x., show me tiger!, eagle claw & orión @ the independent at 501 studios, august 15th, 2009

this was a really cool party @ the independent. it started @ 11:45pm & was b.y.o.hooch! party went on 'til 4am! started out w/some [mostly] instrumental metal from eagle claw, then show me tiger!'s last show :( closin' out the night [dance with} l.a.x. & in between sets orión made sure asses were shakin' non-stop.

reversa! sonido boombox happy hour @ sazon ft. peligrosa & morakestra; orión @ malverde, august 12th 2009

check out the reversa! sonido boombox party ft. the peligrosa all stars & morakestra from el paso. thanks to sazon for hosting this summer long weekly w/great food & even better patrons.

another weekly right after reversa! is orión's @ malverde in the 2nd street district. thanks to lani, 'drea @ nasty nate for the good times!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

check out this kick ass flyer/poster by my homeboy jorge "el licenciado" alvarado

click on the title to check out more sweetly delicious gems by el licenciado!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

say it ain't... errr... say something joe! 'cause you just got pwnd!

mr. weiner's argument is completely solid. the insurance companies bring nothing to health care. mr. weiner is not arguing for the government to take over hospitals & doctors' practices; he's advocating for the government to pay the hospitals & doctors for the services they provide to the citizenry. FUCK joe & his lame attempt @ evading mr. weiner's question.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 bicycle film festival, austin style

this is gonna be a multiple foto set post.
had a great time w/the BFF folks. thanks to jeanette for hookin' up the gig & organizin' the whole event. GIRL! keep grindin'!
hope you got some time!
there are a whole lotta pix!
1st off, bikes rock! w/the black angels & tia carrera @ la zona rosa. thanks to my girl melissa for gettin' me backstage. it was my 1st time! oh, btw, the black angels & the tia carrera kids are super sweet! thanks y'all!!

next up! the JoyRide Art Show @ Co-Lab gallery in the east side!

this was the 1st day of screenings @ the independent at 501 studios + the afterparty @ creekside live w/supersonic uke & benko.
p.s.: do your ears/eyes a favor & catch supersonic uke next time they play! they were totally RAD!

got some incredible shots of bmx kids doin' amazin' tricks/jumps, also incredible floor tricks by the fixie boys [literally, sadly no chicas ridin'].

after the street party, we went inside the independent at 501 studios for some much needed a/c action & some really cool flicks. the afterparty went down @ scoot inn w/42 below's goldsprints & dj cauze one on the wheelz!!!

finally! last foto set for the BFF. here are some shot my friend A took @ metz park during the bike polo tourney:

sammy bananas @ barcelona, july 18th 2009

this is a quickie just to make sure i'm all caught up w/my sets.
from what i remember sammy b was pretty... bananas [lame, i know]
king louie got effin' nuts... what's new on that front?!
thanks to ryan for gettin' me nuts @ barcelona... what's new on that front?!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

jelly NYC ft. mission of burma & fucked up @ east river state park, july 12th 2009

one of the highlights of my trip to the nyc was gettin' to see mission of burma [whom i had missed @ last year's pitchfork music fest] & fucked up on the waterfront in brooklyn.
thanks to jelly NYC for hookin' up the FREE summer pool parties! if you're in the area sometime this month, check out the line up. there are 4 more shows left this summer. totally kick ass way to spend a sunday afternoon in the big city!
i got to hang out w/my new friend christine <3 & caught up w/an old acquaintance from my days @ the university of texas. it never seizes to amaze me how we're are all connected somehow.
enough blathering! check out the fotitos:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

to the lizard people, we offer you this...

raspberry criminal w/dj orión & prince klassen @ scoot inn, august 1 2009

hey girls & boys!
check out fotos from last saturday @ the scoot inn.
thanks to dj orión & prince klassen for keepin' it funky/criminal/regal all in one night!
apologies for takin' soooooo long, but i took waaaaay too many pics & editing is too time consuming.
hope y'all <3 'em.
hope y'all use 'em.
hope you'll buy me a drink next time you see me ;)