Friday, July 2, 2010

the dirty secret & fast folks' ladies ride afterparty @ dirty bill's, june 30th 2010

as usual this immigrant is eons late to the party! finally i caught my new platonic crush dj hero d's wednesday night party @ dirty bill's off west 6th st.
the evening's hostess, ms. @isabelj, made sure i caught all the pretty ladies/boys on "film".
unfortunately some shots will not be made public...
urgh! i can't believe i'm censoring myself! but will for a lady. gig-e-tee/gig-e-tee! you owe me a drink sleepin' beauty!!!
big ups to some of the @fast folks peeps, table manners peeps, some of the @l.a.x. peeps, some of the like dogs peeps, @glitoris & @natetron5000!!!

shitty carwash + bridge farmers + watching the moon + like logs @ mohawk, june 23rd 2010

that's right bitches! i officially deem the unbelievably fuckin' hot months of oh.ten the summer of like dogs!!!
mainly 'cause smizno will be going back to teaching in the fall & there won't be as many shows.
anyway, it was a family affair @ mohawk's inside stage w/shitty carwash, los bridge farmers & watching the moon w/a new drummer [good job boys!]

sunday funday slip n' slide @ the brown's lake house! or how i got over my lake turkey fear, june 20th 2010

though a bit more subdued than last year's debaucherous rave, sunday funday slip n' slide was still an awesome time. thanks to @missdrebrown, her sweet familia & @natetron5000 for taking care of all our drunk pale asses & providing us w/some great memories.
also, pavos de lago x vida!!! we'll get 'em next time friends.