Tuesday, November 24, 2009

king khan & bbq show: i'll be loving you [in the red]

one of my favorite acts of 2009 [though i'm sure he's been around for longer] is king khan.
this is one of his [many?] side projects w/bbq show.
i was super bummed that their set got rained out of ffffest, but i'm sure to see 'em again soon.
thanks to @rossomeATX for the link! [see! twitter does work]

Monday, November 23, 2009

unwed fathers: "sometimes the hurricanes don't stop"

sometimes friends create something beautiful.
unwed fathers @ thunderbird east.
sometimes we just need to listen.

Friday, November 13, 2009

fun fun fun fest 2009 @ waterloo park, november 7 + 8 2009

this is really OUR festival!
got to hang out w/tons of friends, met tons of new friends, saw tons of great bands, said goodbye [for now?] to an amazing band of friends, got totally muddy, totally drunk, totally wet & most of all... totally fun/fun/fun!
thanks to austinist for getting me hooked up w/a media wristband, some tasty coffee & breakfast tacos. thanks to the peligrosa all stars for hooking up the backstage access to their set for some great pictures!
i had the pleasure of meeting & shootin' the shit w/chris cubas of the altercation punk comedy group, also shook hands w/king khan right after he played guitar, backing up gza the genius. the blue stage manager told me NOT to take pics of a certain well endowed young sister's heiny ;). i totally mcgyver'd a plastic bag cover for my camera during sunday's downpour. gza the genius gave me some of his miller lite [?] & totes drunkenly hit on my homegirl Y. got called out by todd barry for using my flash during his set, even though i asked him before-hand whether i could.
more tidbits will be added as i remember them [did i mention i got pretty drunk that weekend?]



Thursday, November 5, 2009

MSTRKRFT + orión + king louie @ republic douche, october 30th 2009

one of my favorite dj acts came to town, but probs the worst nightclub.
i don't know how much the republic douche owner/promoter paid toronto, canada's MSTRKRFT, but it must've been a pretty shiny motherfuckin' nickel!
the crowd was thick w/douchebaggery, shitty über gel'd hair, tight ed hardy t-shirts & the female version of that.
the red river/7th street scene was rep'd proper by my boys orión & king louie. they definitely got the crowd bumpin' before our northern visitors dropped in & bounced off w/their bottle of crown.
the peen scene was all up on it w/some great shots to the dome! ;) fuckin' kids need to know better than to mess w/mike & jenn scene!
i nearly got my ass kicked by a gang of 6 mexican fresas/wannabe tuffs. conveniently brave when bow'n up to a skinny geek w/out his homies. had to twice talk 'em out of beating on me 'cause i wasn't the one who whooped on their holmes. jeesh!
i'm really glad to hear that some of my peeps got their $ back.

enough bullshit! aside from the drama kids, the music is all that mattered:

check out the peen scene view.

ez action: the madness @ booty bar, october 27th 2009

my homies from the madness got their 1st gig [w/the new line-up] @ austin's fave hipster mecca booty bar! though they hadn't played/practiced in at least a month, they still managed to pull it off soundly. it was a great time, i'm looking forward to more shows.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

peligrosa all stars @ the parish, october 24th 2009

my homies set off their 2nd night @ the parish w/BANGS galore!
good times & sexxxy people shakin' it oh so well.
let's make this monthly party the place to be! still not as packed as the creekside days, but peeps are def coming more & more.
thanks to pagame, manolo black, hobo d & orión for droppin' the heat!