Wednesday, October 28, 2009

superfreakin' awesome! steven levitt on his new book superfreakonomics: global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bombers should buy life

steven levitt exploded onto the scene in 2005 w/the original freakonomics tome. levitt & co-author stephen j. dubner had some incredibly interesting theories on crime & it's relation to roe v. wade, cheating, crack dealing, etc.. i read that book in like 2 hours flat! it was so refreshing to see economic theory applied to everyday issues. i cannot wait to pick up the superfreakonomics: global cooling, patriotic prostitutes, and why suicide bombers should buy life.
BONUS: check out the freakonomics blog for up to date nerd alerts!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

listener = this'll cure it all

i saw this dude rhyme @ birds barbershop's manfest last year.
totes blew me away. great lyrics. great delivery. LISTENER!!!

i took these here pics:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

the unrealistic dream of "bipartisan" health insurance reform

i really don't get it!
the white house wants the almighty olympia snowe to vote for their watered down version of the public plan in order to achieve the holy grail of a "bipartisan" bill. they hope that she will attract d.i.n.o's [democrats in name only] to vote along w/her. does the white house not realize that their critics will still call foul, they will still call this "socialist" legislature, they will say the white house "rammed" the bill through, etc., etc.? it doesn't matter how "bipartisan" the bill is president obama, your critics will still call you hitler, anti-christ, mao tse-tung, et al.
why not just get the best bill passed, get a robust public option that covers a majority of united states citizens? remember your campaign promise of health care for all?!
have you seen the polls that show that less americans now consider themselves republicans than EVER?! if the white house gets a real health insurance overhaul bill passed through, if it truly helps citizen's access to health care, the democratic party [which you are a part of] will be compensated w/votes. if you pass REAL health insurance reform, the democratic party will reign for a loooooong time.
i understand the health insurance insurance industry is in the pockets of some of the administration [maybe not now, but surely in the past], but this is a cross roads, the obama white house will go down in history for not only having the 1st black president, but for passing legislature that changed this country in a deeply & positively profound way.
STOP this "bipartisan" wet dream! it's not realistic & it really will not be effective in providing us w/the help we need.
i am nearly $20,000 in the hole w/the health care industry because i happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. a [most likely] drunk driver ran a red light & i was struck while riding my bicycle at about 25 mph. my story is nothing compared to the woman who was shot by a suicidal killer & now is in debt for all the care she received, or the baby who was too "obese" to receive health insurance, or my friend's roommate who was struck by a car while [also] riding his bicycle & spent weeks in intensive care, or the riverboat gamblers' guitarist who was also in a bicycle vs. auto wreck & is still in intensive care along w/a quickly growing pile of bills next to him [help here]. these stories are just a handful of the millions out there.
help us, help your country!
UPDATE: if you agree, we're not alone! go HERE to add your name to the list.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

notorious funk: brown vs biggie @ scoot inn + afterparty @ music gym, october 17th 2009

the knuckle rumbler + do512 sponsored another bangin' prince klassen vs orión party. this time james brown went head to head w/the notorious b.i.g..
thanks to the scoot inn for providing the great digs!

here is what happened afterwards @ the music gym:

holy ghost! @ barcelona, october 16th 2009

the learning secrets crew brought along another great act to barcelona, holy ghost! from new york's death from above records.
the house was packed & the peeps came out to party:

UPDATE: check out the peen scene version.

Monday, October 19, 2009

house night @ plush + dj pagame @ creekside lounge, october 15th 2009

thursday night. hangin' out w/the homies.
john-e-glock & co. @ plush.
dj pagame of peligrosa all stars @ creekside lounge.

added bonus: check out the 1st couple of pictures in the set. #10 was driving his stoned buddies around. we think he was like 14. his jersey was apropos.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

new tune from lcd soundsystem! bye bye bayou

fuck yeah!
lcd soundsystem has a new single out!!!!
"an alan vega (suicide) cover"

lcd soundsystem: bye bye bayou

thanks to okinart/audioblog for the links!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

michael steele is a dumb fat cow!

thanks @dailykos!
funny stuff!

Monday, October 12, 2009

unwed fathers + mrs. glass @ thunderbird coffe east, october 6th 2009

my homie dave of unwed fathers fame has a monthly gig @ thunderbird coffee e. [formerly clementine coffee bar]. this 1st tuesday he brought along mrs. glass to shell out some kick ass blues!
good times! good friends!

"there will be no hurt......there will be no pain.......when we're gone." dko

wewerealwaysgreat@funerals by unwed fathers

from their latest opus: does anyone remember lily white?
seems fitting in these times of loss:

does anyone remember lily white?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

bike prom @ booty bar, october 9th 2009

oooohhhhhhh shit! prom pics are in! prom pics are in! hope you have time to go through all of these! there's a lot of fotos. thanks the to the great folks @ fastfolks, booty bar, dj french roast & pagame [way to come thru last minute jaimito!] & everyone else who made this night happen. thanks to all the party people for gettin' gussi'd up for the show! it was a BLAST!
'nuff yapperin'...

UPDATE: this is what happened afterwards...

stormshadow + wargasm + phranchyze 1 @ triple crown, october 3rd, 2009

danger crew found itself avoiding the throngs of tourists in austin on ACL weekend by gettin' our drink on in san marcos. i've actually never partied there before, gotta say that its downtown is quite pleasant. showdown was a great/cheap spot to kick it w/the peeps. our über cute bartender peep'd us to a hip hop show right around the corner, i was pleasantly surprised to catch stormshadow [of fresh boy crew] & to discover phranchyze 1. check 'em!

unwed fathers + jesse moore folkcore + bridge farmers @ red7 & 80's night @ plush, october 1, 2009

this was the last time i took pictures of jon pettis...
it's crazy to think that night was the last time some of us saw him.
please come out on wednesday, 10/14/2009, for a memorial service @ hole in the wall.

this was a great night of revelry & dancin'! thanks to red7 & plush for enabling & grommit + supafly + john-e-glock for cuttin' it up.

Friday, October 9, 2009

jon "baggage" pettis of bankrupt & the borrowers died early this morning


greatest country in the world? really?!

when a local non-profit in colorado offered free surgery, "more than 100 people lined up to be screened on Sept. 19 for outpatient surgery, with some sleeping in the parking lot of the Pueblo Surgery Center."
full article here.

president barack hussein obama wins 2009 nobel peace prize


president obama's remarks:

nicholas d. kristof has a great suggestion for our fearful leaders...

new york times op-ed columnist nicholas kristof has a great suggestion:

"Let me offer a modest proposal: If Congress fails to pass comprehensive health reform this year, its members should surrender health insurance in proportion with the American population that is uninsured."

let's see how these windbags fare w/out health insurance!

remember to donate to the national association of free clinics! please! please! PLEASE!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

william kamkwamba built a windmill out of found items in african village! AMAZING!

this is incredible!
i really hope this kid furthers his education & becomes a leader for his people.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

olbermann special comment on health care reform

keith olbermann devotes an entire show to a special comment on the health care/insurance reform issue.
at the end he makes the case for donating to the national association of free clinics so they can hold free clinics at the state capitals of the 5 6 senators holding out on the public option.
i'm donating as much as i can. if you can't donate, at least spread the word.
please do something!

UPDATE! olbermann had national association of free clinics executive director nicole lamoureux to talk about holding a huge free clinic in one of the states where a senator is holding out on the public option. olbermann said he'd match $50,000 for these free clinics.
again! please do what you can. spread the word! national association of free clinics

Friday, October 2, 2009

annie mac @ barcelona, september 26th 2009

ian north of learning secrets fame brought us annie mac straight from the uk & bbc radio 1 to barcelona.
i am totally in love with this girl! oh, and she can dj like a bad ass!!!

UPDATE: check out the PEEN SCENE version of events... touch me

que bajo?! + peligrosa all stars @ the parish, september 26th 2009

new friends uproot andy & geko jones from NYC stopped thru austin to spread the techno cumbia gospel of que bajo?!
our very own peligrosa all stars, dj pagame + hobo d + manolo black + orión, held it down w/their own booty shakin' goodness.
adding to the party stew was vj c.jackson keeping our peepers happy.
thanks to the very beautiful people for keepin' the parish sexxxy!

here goes some bonus footage of the previous night's/morning's debauchery:

dj swamp @ barcelona + table manners crew w/king louie @ plush + orión @ creekside, september 19th 2009

3 bars + 5 dj's + 1 horny immigrant = a dirty good time.
dj swamp is one crazy motherfucker! but he's a mad genius on the decks. got to see the beginning of his set @ barcelona & i'm so glad to have made it. last time i saw 'im @ red eyed fly, it was kind of a let down. this time, in the coziness of austin's only dirty/basement/dj/electronic-music bar, he killed!

next up my homeboy king louie joined forces w/dj digg + kid slyce of table manners crew to rippin' good times @ plush. gooch!

i stopped by creekside lounge right before closing time to say hi to my homeboy orión & got some choice snaps of the kids doing naughty/dirty things:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

table manners crew: dj crown & digg @ barcelona, september 18th 2009

apparently the cuts were so thick of juicy goodness, one young woman could NOT control her bowels @ barcelona!
damn! these table manners kids! doctor digglesworth & dj crownova' keepin' it funky for all the ladies!

unwed fathers CD release w/melissa sligthly distracted @ clementine coffee bar, september 1st 2009

the unwed pappies came back from tour to do a CD release show for their weekly @ clementine coffee bar [now thunderbird coffee] w/our great friend melissa holt a.k.a melissa slightly distracted...
good times & cheap beers all around!

p.s.: check out my homie's flyer for the show! el licenciado always delivers the goods!

doctor digglesworth & kiiiiiiiiid slycen' it up @ plush, august 29th 2009

gracias a plush, dj digg & kid slyce [de el table manners crew] por el degenere!
esto es lo que pasa con mucho guaro y muchos bumps:

partyends summer extrav-o-ganza IV w/peligrosa + harlem @ lake travis & l.a.x. @ emo's, august 27th 2009

hobo d & orión of peligrosa all stars kept the partyends' party barge bumpin' during this crazy weather thursday [we got hot ass swimming weather then a crazy storm at the end of the party]. harlem were oh sooooo sweeeet! can't wait to catch these kids again.

somehow managed to get cleaned/dressed up & downtown to catch my homegirls [& boys] of l.a.x. do their thing @ emo's:

shitty carwash + bankrupt & the borrowers @ red7, august 26th 2009

my friends play instruments.
my friends play instruments loudly.
my friends play instruments badassly.
my friends play instruments @ red7.
my friends are red7.
my friends are shitty carwash.
my friends are bankrupt & the borrowers.

to vitter or not to vitter... what's the question again?!