Thursday, July 30, 2009

reversa! sonido boombox happy hour #7 @ sazon ft. peligrosa all-stars & bombasta, july 29th 2009

another happy hour w/the peligrosa all stars & this night, san antonio's 8-piece bombasta.
thanks to mr. paul saucido & the sonido boombox crew for the good times all around.
next week the reversa! happy hour welcomes los angeles' monte negro, this time on tuesday.

oh rachel! you're such a badass!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hump @ plush & orion @ creekside lounge, july 24th 2009

my 1st night shooting with a proper flash!
pretty sure i annoyed the shit out of a whole lotta party goers. SORRY!
started the night @ plush for some "classic funk, disco & boogie jam".

then we hopped over to creekside lounge for another sweaty night of dancin' thanks to dj orión.
scope it:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sarah palin: alaska beat poet extraordinaire!

this coming saturday! 8/1/9 GET TO DANCE!!!

YES! another MJ related dance party...
though this had been planned long before the death & it features 2 of austin's best:
dj orión & prince klassen! @ scoot inn.
from do512:
"This battle of two of the biggest musical icons will feature best originals and remixes of Prince and Michael Jackson all night long beginning at 9pm. There will also be a costume contest, Tripp T-Shirts will be making custom clothing on site, and Caleb Perkins will be capturing it all in his series CalebDoes. All of this is presented by Scion Sessions, KnuckleRumbler, and Do512."
RSVP for $3 entry! ($5 at the door w/o).
check out the kick-ass flyers made by the multi-talented orión rafael garcia padilla palacios angel franco de leon:

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

peligrosa all stars ft. chorizo funk @ creekside, july 17th 2009

you wanna talk about hot as ballz, sweaty dance parties?! let's...
3rd fridays byatch! the peligrosa all stars brought in their homeboy chorizo funk for an extra helping of latin flavor to your friday night dance-a-thon! orión spat some sick rhymes, while manolo black, pagame & chorizo kept the beat going. hobo d took a break to get his...
creekside's dance deck/floor probably got just about as much as it could handle! hot/sweaty bodies were grindin' on each other as far as the eye could see.
check out this perspiratory mess:

tonight tonight! quito & THE BONE ft. kid slyce [table manners crew] @ booty bar

come out to revel in hipster heaven @ beauty bar tonight!
giant steps productions lined up mie richardson & gobi to play live. yours truly, giants steps dj/THE BONE & kid slyce [scratch extraordinaire!] will be playin' some hip new dance tunes in between sets & 'til closin' time.
come holla' @ yo' boys!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dévushka & 3rdID fashion show @ silhouette, july 16th 2009

2 of my hottest girlfriends, kim & cristien, are part of dévushka clothing.
they asked me to shoot some shots during their austin fashion week show @ silhouette's upstairs/karaoke space. 3rdID clothing represented w/some kewl t-shirt designs for the boys. the dévushka models rock'd some ol' school, sexxxy ass threads! spank bank anyone?!?
the show was brief, but hot!
aqui estan:

watching the moon, autons & unwed fathers @ creekside live, july 15th 2009

sometimes the hurricanes don't stop @ creekside live!
my homeboys from unwed fathers, autons and watching the moon played to a room of true believers last wednesday.
this was one of the last unwed fathers show before their west coast tour & upcoming release of their much awaited recording "does anyone remember lily white?" check out the unwed fathers myspace, leave 'em a comment & wish 'em godspeed on their travels.
tony brownlow got a good workout from a double duty on drums w/autons & watching the moon. looking forward to both bands' upcoming releases. keep a look out!
check 'em out:

Friday, July 17, 2009

reversa! sonido boombox happy hour #5 @ sazon ft. peligrosa all-stars & este vato, july 15th 2009

after a lil' jaunt to the east coast, the peligrosa all stars made their triumphant return to sazon's cozy patio on s. lamar blvd.
we were entertained by some great tunes from este vato, micheal ramos of charanga cakewalk gave the boombox an interview, while orión, hobo d & manolo black gave us something to dance to.
thanks to paul saucido for movin' the happy hour times from to 7pm, def made beating the heat a shorter effort.
oh! & thanks to mr. margarito [owner of sazon] for the super happy hour cheap/tasty nachos & beer = $6!!
here are some fotitos:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

orion of peligrosa all stars @ apt, july 10 2009

day 3 of my new york city visit had me following the peligrosa boys around manhattan. our trusty guide, mr. grenade, led us to a sweet ass spot in the lower east side called welcome to the johnsons. we kicked it during happy hour for $1.75 PBR's! a great deal in a greatly expensive city. i took advantage of the locale to take some promo shots of hobo d, orión & manolo black.
after lotsa drinkin' & actin' like drunken sailors on dock leave, we hi-tailed it to the meat packin' district for orión's gig @ the a p t. dj's nguzunguzu, chief boima, geko jones & uproot andy rock'd the house for bomba estereo's after party. our homie orión definitely set it off! the nyc kids got down to some of that tejas style.
check the goods:

Thursday, July 9, 2009

peligrosa all stars arrive in nyc july 7th, 2009

the 1st day/night in new york city was full of mad debauchary!
met up w/hobo d @ la guardia, 1 & 1/2 hours late thanks to some crazy downpour in houston. we took a bus to the closest train station, then arrived in long island city to meet manolo black & my new homeboy grenade! left our gear @ g's & he took off back to work. manolo b/hobo d/me went off to brooklyn to meet up w/orión for some dominican grub. we drank a couple of beers, the boys ate some greasy/meaty goodness, i had some greasy/veggie goodness. oh, so tasty!
we walked around throwin' up some peligrosa fliers & checkin' out some trendy/hipster hoods in brooklyn. we met up w/grenade @ k&m bar for a couple of beers, then we all roll'd to a rooftop party for a bbq/meet & greet w/some LAMC folk. we had a blast meetin' some really cool folks & enjoyin' the great view from the roof.
we went back to k&m & got more booze in us. orión & hobo d hook'd up their lappys to the sound system & played some good tunes. we got pretty shellack'd... 'nuff said.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

sonido boombox happy hour #3 @ sazon w/el tule & peligrosa all stars june 24th 2009

the 3rd installment of sonido boombox's was definitely the most attended. sazon's patio was jam packed w/tons of dancin' revelers!
el tule got the asses on the dance floor along w/the peligrosa all star kids.
it was a great time once again!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 live crew @ mohawk, say what! @ plush, trouble & bass crew @ booty, & after party @ music gym! june 25th 2009

hawt diggity! this was an EPIC night!
started out @ rabbit's on e. 6th shootin' the filmin' of sonido boombox's intro [can't show this foto set 'til the video's debut], then book'd it majorly to mohawk so i could "sneak" in w/orión & his gear, drank some brews, hung out w/the honeys from avant salon, got some shots of the openin' acts [richardhenry/orión, ms. prissy, dubb sicks & dmg$], then 2 live crew got on stage & got the big/small booty h0@s to shake it on the dance floor!

i kinda got fed up w/the show & roll'd to plush for some bassline/electro/fidget/bmore courtesy of mez one, cauze one, dubbel dutch & orión. got totally blitzed & "high w/a little help from my friends". even got to dance w/some lovely birds!

still had a lil' bit of time to check out the trouble & bass crew @ booty bar. DANG! those kids seriously bring the noize. i really wanna catch an entire set by these cats!
after hours was a must for so many great shows on the 7th/red river district. music gym did not disappoint! it was a total sweaty mess w/king louie, orión & anna love on the 1's & 2's. seems like everyone who came out to mohawk/plush/booty decided to prolong the night @ the gym.
wherever mj went, he must've been lookin' up/down on tons of kids dancin' the night away! such bittersweet night...
@ around 3:30am i somehow ;) managed to sober up enough to realize that it was time to ride home, sleep 4 hours & get to work...
just another thursday night?