Thursday, December 23, 2010

last minute xxxmas treat from @sonoraaa: @calle13oficial - la jirafa (sonora remix_la playa riddim)

peligrosa all-star, dj, producer & all around badass sonora has graciously let me post his brand new remix of puerto rican raggaeton/hip-hop duo calle 13's "la jirafa", from their self-titled debut studio album. sonora dropped a little taste of paradisio's "vamos a la discoteca" into the mix.

Calle13 - La Jirafa (sonora remix la playa riddim) by ComandanteQuito

show some <3 over @ sonora's vimeo account.
& get your copy of the "siempre fresco ep" @ sonora's bandcamp. makes for a great digital stocking stuffer for all the booty shakers in your life!
happy festivus from yours truly.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

peligrosa 3 year anniversary ft. master blaster sound system @ the nd, december 17th 2010

last night peligrosa brought some much needed heat to a cold/cold city.
master blaster sound system outta corpus christi showed who's boss in new-cumbia.
everybody was looking tight &/or real.
& them peligrosa chains were... well, off the proverbial chain!
had me a good ol' time w/many, many friends.
hope y'all like!

foto bomb time! november 29th thru december 16th 2010

i've been a lazy fotog blogger lately.
i've been a pretty lazy fotog, period.
here are a few foto sets from the last month.
good times were had.
thanks to all the friends who shared 'em w/me.

tags galore!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

get drOOOOnk! a xxxmas treat via @PAGAME

this here is my homeboy pagame's re-edit of dirty boyz' all i want for christmas.
hope y'all got your dancin' elves shoes on.
make yo' selves some strong vegan egg-nog.
now, let's party!

Dirty Boyz - All I want for Christmas (Pagame Re-Edit) by Pagame

hope to see all your purrrdy faces @ the nd tonight for peligrosa's 3 year aniversary!

Friday, December 10, 2010

VT's @SenatorSanders actually has the cojones to stand up & #filibuster on the senate floor

the rules in the senate are confusing to say the least.
the days of mr. smith goes to washington are long gone.
current rules allow for minority senators to just threaten to filibuster a bill w/out actually standing up in front of the american people & speak her mind about her disagreement. a simple threat can railroad the passage of a bill and cause it to require a super-majority of 60 votes to pass.
every bill now has to pass w/a 60 vote majority.
whatever happened to a simple majority?!?!
in this waning 111th congress, the house of representatives passed an astounding 400+ bills thanks to the tireless work of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
regardless of all those PASSED bills, the majority of them went on to DIE at the bottleneck that is the U.S. senate.
here's to Vermont's fearless senator Bernie Sanders and those who have stood in to help him in this TRUE filibuster, sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA):

Friday, December 3, 2010

#nerdalert! statistics time: the development of nations over 200 years

sometimes i get so tickled by #'s [no, not the club in houston!]
found this via the @maddow blog:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fail in life, thus far. #1 in an ongoing series...

as much as this is a blog on fotos, sometimes politiks, sometimes film/movies, & seldom quirky/funny shit; the one unifying thing that keeps it together is music.
this is gonna be a music post.
this one is about one of my biggest fails in life.
i was perusin' the interwebz when i came across a blog post from boy-cott magazine about a new documentary, directed by michael rappaport, on legendary hip hop crew a tribe called quest.
this is where that major fail in life dawned on me.
a tribe called quest was the 2nd CD i ever bought [1st CD will be the subject of another post in the 'fail in life' series].
midnight marauders truly saved me from being some wannabe thuglet in northwest austin back in the early 90's. it opened up my ears to a different type of hip hop. one that wasn't about violence or the objectification of women. one that was influenced by jazz and bebop and so much more.
phife dawg + q-tip + ali shaheed muhammad + [sometimes] jarobi weren't larger than life, they were dudes who loved music, they were like any homie i had in school, but with talent galore.
i went on to seek all of a tribe called quest's music and any other music related to the native tongues posse. they were my gateway drug into my lifelong addiction w/hip hop music.
so, here's where i've failed: i never got to see these hip hop heroes live.
they even toured again sometime in 2006-07.
i thought i'd have another chance.
here's a preview of the documentary:

i hope to this fail becomes a win.

newer preview video!