Thursday, June 4, 2009

peligrosa all-stars & bankrupt & the borrowers @ creekside lounge ft. mexijen's birfday/dance party may 30th 2009

dang! i'm still recoverin' from this night of debauchary. my homegirl mexijen/ aka jc aka not-jesus-christ aka jennifer aka jen-jen celebrated her 24th w/some of the avant crew, including my new crush heather g. ;) [i'm pretty confident that she won't be readin' this blog & i'll never have the balls to tell it to her face]

we got ourselves some tasty sushi @ silhouette on congress [btw, can't believe mexi can't eat spicy & drink hot sake! almost unforgivable!]. i stopped by to see my homeboys brian/ryan/garret @ barcelona. thanks to $2 josh of the wild life! crew for gettin' me in through the back-door! [don't get any kinky ideas bitches!] rode out to creekside where hobo d & manolo black of the peligrosa all-stars [oriĆ³n was spinnin' a house party that i'm sure was rowdy as hell] were gettin' the party started. had completely forgot that hobomouth & bankrupt & the borrowers were playin' as well. sorry for missin' your set allen! got a ton of great pics of the b&tb kids. after the guitars stopped wailin' i stepped back out to the dance floor & got my dance on w/lots of beautiful ladies. thanks austin heat!

that's it for my stupid words! here are my stupid images:

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