Friday, December 16, 2011

just a thought about book-to-film remakes...

one of my film-nerd friends shared a link on facebook about bret easton-ellis' 'american psycho' being re-made & set in modern times. it got me thinking about other "re-makes", like the upcoming 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' version made by david fincher. a quick google search showed that there's quite a number of them coming out. seems like there's a whole lotta movie-nerd outrage out there about these stories being turned into a 2nd [maybe even 3rd or more] movies. but why?! i understand & sometimes am myself outraged by a movie being re-made, or books turned into films, but a re-make of a book seems silly to get in a hizzy fit over. the first film version of a piece of literature is just that, the first. why can't others take a crack at re-interpreting that piece of literature? was there much hate when 'fear and loathing in las vegas' [the 1st version being 'where the buffalo roam'] was being filmed? i'm sure there are plenty more examples, but my knowledge of movies is pretty bad. if anyone reading this totally disagrees with me, please let me know in the comments. would love to read what others think about this hot-button topic.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

december oh11 foto bombz!

so, i sometimes takes pictures:
the white horse grand opening: mockingbird loyals, el pan, east cameron folkcore & bridge farmers @ the white horse

peligrosa @ scoot inn

table manners crew: digg's birfday jawn @ plush

revival fund benefit: the dalles @ hole in the wall

unwed fathers + bridge farmers + the dalles @ hole in the wall

les savy fav @ mohawk 5th anniversary weekend

peligrosa w/chief boima @ scoot inn + silent city limits @ enchanted forest [austin, tejas]

midnight rodeo's final summer bikini contest @ the midnight rodeo [duh!]

hint: my favorite was #4 [probs why she lost]

BLACK STAR @ house of blues-houston, tejas, y'all!

barrio massive: peligrosa + master blaster soundsystem @ sam's burger joint [san antonio, tejas, y'all]

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

@itstherapture live from london via @noisey_us + @vice

check the director's cut from monday's live performance:

make this monday afternoon go a lil' quicker with this lil' nugget o' goodness:

Saturday, December 10, 2011


i fucking love this spoof by team coco.
i still don't understand why sooooo many people are attracted to ron paul as a potential leader of the united states.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hey! guess what?!?! @_PELIGROSA turns cuat4o!!!

cannot believe that our lil' party turns four years old next month!
thanks to all my homies @_PELIGROSA for always bringin' the heat to austin.
thanks to all our friends for dancin'! w/out y'all it'd be one weird party ;)
makes it easy for me to capture all the fun we've been havin'!
if you don't know, you betta' learn:

check the DOPE A$$ flier by our design guru @DJ_Orion:

listen to some of the boys' latest tasty jams!

Sonora - Mi Reina by SONORA

A-dickk-ed (Orion Remix) - Sissy Nobby by dj_Orion

Oslo Sole Solution - Copia Doble Systema & Boya (Manolo Black 5am Edit) by Manolo Black

Diplo - Horsey (Boombahchero Edit) by Pagame


Chingo Bling "Chang Chiggy Chang" prod by King Louie and DJ Dus by King_Louie

Hobo D - INSTORE @ Backspin Records 7 29 11 by HOBO D

Monday, November 28, 2011

el dusty's "k le pasa" out now on man recordings!

my homie & peligrosa's own el dusty or the artist formerly known as dj dus, just got signed to man recordings on the unbridled strength of the video release for "k le pasa".
big CONGRATS to dus & the corpitos produce© crew!
you can listen to the new track the track mastered by Jan Driver of Boysnoize Records and click thru to buy it! makes a great xxx-mas stuffer ;)

check the video that got it all started!

Sunday, November 27, 2011!

check this video from get up, a marriage equality group in australia:

soooooooooo well done! kudos.
for additional music nerd fun:

Oliver Tank - Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion by fadedglamourblog

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

video: mushroom plastics via @motherboardtv

super cool innovation for replacing temporary use plastics:

video: @theBlackLips - raw meat [oh, just might see these d00dz again. soon!]

got my butt cream'd @ the black lips' performance during fun fun fun fest. it was such a blast seein' 'em again. can't wait for 12/1!

Directed by Phil Pinto, produced by Rachelyn Remz-Porter. Featuring Leo Fitzpatrick, Janell Shirtcliff, and Tennessee Thomas. "Raw Meat" is from the album Arabia Mountain [Vice Records].

Co-produced by Urban Outfitters as part of the UO Music Video Series. Read an interview with the director and band tomorrow at

Director: Phil Pinto

Producer: Oscar Boyson
Executive Producer: Rachelyn Remz-Porter
Director of Photography: Ryan Dickie
1st AC: Sam Wootton

Production Designer: Antonio Santos
Wardrobe Stylist: Olga Mill
Sound Design: Colin Alexander

Production Co: 1000%

@diplo - horsey (@sonoraaa remix)

check out my homie's remix for this here mad decent contest:

diplo - horsey (sonora remix) by SONORA

fer yer health dummies!
don't sleep on this one ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i luv photoshop nerdz!!! or anti-gay marriage FAIL

the national organization for marriage [you know! of one d00d + one d00dette fame] gets caught [mis]using a photo from an Obama campaign rally to attempt to portray large support for the repeal of gay marriage in New Hampshire. polling shows that most New Hampshirites aren't affected by their fellow gay citizens having the right to marry. opponents of gay marriage are outnumbered 2 to 1! anyway, i dig that some fellow nerd from the Good as You blog made the connection & now it's on the national news. TAKE THAT n.o.m. DUMMIES!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

best new thing in national politics: Elizabeth Warren for U.S. senator

@ElizabethForMA on @Maddow
<3'n this:

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check out her official announcement below:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

dave nada + matt nordstrom = nadastrom w/dj sabo @ rio room, august 4th 2011

took me near a month to goddang get on these fotos.
been kinda of a busy month.
btw, why i gotta take sooooo many fotos when i get drunk?!
also, by the end of the night, it's like my dick takes over foto duties :)
anyway, these here are fotos from a last minute road trip i took w/some of the peligrosa crew to dallas.
moombahton fathers matt nordstrom + dave nada = NADASTROM got their swerve on @ a fancy joint in the highland park 'hood.
i think george bush jr. could probs hear the commotion.
this was the kinda place where they sold mickey's grenades for $8.
being the shady MF that i am, i went out to the corner store to buy a couple of 6-packs, then snuck one of 'em in to the club.
anyway, check 'em out:

Friday, August 26, 2011

welfare cadillac boogeymom! beware! booooooooohhhhhhhoohohohohohoh!

i understand that some want to blame the poor during economic hard times. everyone's watching their dollars and it's quite easy to make a boogeyman out of the "welfare cadillac mom".
reality is quite different.
even though welfare fraud cases get tons of attention when they are discovered [they do exist, i will not deny that], they only make up a very low percentage of ALL welfare benefits handed out by city/state/federal governments.
for instance, here's a report by the House Ways & Means committee from 2002:
it shows the results from an investigation on Unemployment Insurance benefits, and finds that only about 1.9% of UI benefits are attributed to fraud.
today, there have been at least two re/posts in my facebook feed about drug testing welfare recipients. these posts include the token reasoning "It's OK to drug test people who WORK for their money but not those who don't?"
i don't personally know people who "...are crying and calling this unconstitutional." i'm sure there are some, but the more substantive reason to be against drug testing of welfare recipients is that it doesn't make ANY financial sense.

let's just take the study quoted above:

total UI benefits: $29,878,048,780.49
2% fraud: $597,560,975.61
a: cheapest drug screening= $49 []
b: # of unemployed individuals= 13,339,398 []
a * b: 1 time cost of drug testing= $653,630,502
c: average weeks an individual stays on UI benefits= 12 []
let's say drug testing is done once per month.
(a*b) * (c/4): $1,792,682,926.83

[these are all approximate 2001 numbers]

in conclusion, it doesn't make sense to spend $3 to find $1 worth of fraud.
we have to accept that SOME fraud is bound to happen, but we should find cost effective ways to curb it.

drug testing ≠ cost effective.

my numbers are off, but the basic premise of my argument is still right.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

video: the other shoe by fucked up

2 years ago in brooklyn i got to see fucked up perform for the 1st time.
it was an amazing final day to my 1st visit of NYC.

1 1/2 years ago i saw them again @ the east-side drive-in during sxsw oh10.

i saw 'em last a few months ago @ free press summer fest in houston, tx.

each time i see fucked up, each time the blow my mind!
they've become one of my favorite bands.
they've got an amazing front man.
they're incredible talented.
they play their asses off every time.

this is "the other shoe" from "david comes to life":

every time someone says that there's no good rock & roll being made, show 'em this!

related, but kinda not...
found this article about the guitarist for the band chavez and saw this sweeeeeet ass picture:

Friday, August 5, 2011

wow! well put mr. christie #sharialaw @govchristie

i don't agree w/most of new jersey's governor chris christie's policy decisions/stances.
he is a rising star in the republican party and despite a lot of people's desire for him to run for president, he has made it VERY clear that he will not seek the nomination of the grand ol' party.
it is refreshing to hear him say the words in the video below. it is courageous of him to not toe the tea party line on the wholly made up non-controversy of sharia law taking root in the american judicial system.
check it out & wait 'til the end for a nice way for lawrence o'donnell to wrap up the segment

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

not JUST a party fotog ;)

helped my buddy show off some of his work for austin energy:
Austin Energy Green Building's 2010 Annual Report

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the end of an era: NASA's last flight

each and every time it was an amazing feat for human kind.
i'm sad that most our political leaders have squandered the potential of this great agency.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

july foto bomb! i've been lazy. zoo me!

it's been a minute & this is probs my looooooooongest foto bomb ever!
can't believe i've only shot a handful of shows over the last couple of months.
tomorrow i break the cycle of laziness w/a paid gig for applied pressure & 33 1/3 clothing's boat party @ lake travis + the after-party @ booty bar.
here's some of the past few shows i've shot:

peligrosa @ scoot inn. july 15th, 2011

peligrosa @ scoot inn. june 17th, 2011

one good buddy moved from austin to brooklyn. he can throw a party. june 11th, 2011

pachanga fest afterparty: peligrosa ft. toy selectah @ volstead lounge. may 21st, 2011

pachanga fest @ fiesta gardens. may 21st, 2011

peligrosa ft. toy selectah @ scoot inn. may 20th, 2011

fast folks' bike prom @ booty bar. may 7th, 2011

a VERY special east cameron folkcore event @ hole in the wall. april 9th, 2011

este vato + master blaster soundsystem @ flamingo cantina. april 8th, 2011

table manners crew + nick nack @ plush. march 26th, 2011

day of my birfday shows!

xlr8r + peligrosa + remezcla @ frank. march 19th, 2011

sailor jerry showcase @ shangri-la: black lips + pulled apart by horses. march 19th, 2011

oh! & i made a video from one of the lips' songs:

presented by sailor jerry #sxsw 3/19/2011

shitty audio. oh, well.

iheartcomix + fool's gold present: past yo' bedtime @ highland mall or how i got to meet chromeo's dave1. march 19th, 2011 [technically]

xlr8r + peligrosa + remezcla @ frank. march 18th, 2011

xlr8r & remezcla Present: icee hot vs. turrbotax / tormenta tropical / peligrosa @ frank. march 17th, 2011

keep it local presents: two sevens clash @ district 301. march 17th, 2011

all saints: friendly fires + foster the people + theophilus london + mount kimbe @ shangri-la. march 16th, 2011

art disaster @ booty bar. march 15th, 2011

king louie + dj manny @ kenichi. march 13th, 2011

katey red + dj rusty lazer @ red 7. march 11th, 2011

str8 hood shit vol. 4 w/rapid ric + kid slyce @ plush

jubilee + orion @ booty bar. february 11th, 2011

do512 lounge sessions w/james mcmurtry + monahans + bright light social hour. february 9th, 2011

what a beautiful thing! congrats mr. mintz & mr. feinblatt & way to go mr. bloomberg

this is what the gay marriage vote in NY state means:


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

way to fucking go hoosier state! no family planning for poor people' ridiculous!
your culture war is obscene.
planned parenthood provides much needed services to low-income individuals who want to be responsible about their sex lives and most importantly about their HEALTH!
why fuck w/poor people just to grandstand on your supposed moral superiority?! it's a rhetorical question. the answer is: 'cause you're soul-less!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

oh haaaaayyyyyy! look @ that, a republican w/a realistic viewpoint on tax policy

thank you mr. bartlett!
thanks lawrence!
i wish we could get more sensible analysis of economic policy.

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i really appreciate lawrence o'donnell's show, the last word's ability to book guests from all political stripes, beat them down w/rational & logical arguments, then convince them to return!
this is in no way a knock on my msnbc crush, rachel maddow. i believe conservative politicians are just afraid to come on her show.
anyway, here's a great exchange between lawrence and former reagan administration domestic policy adviser bruce bartlett on some of the cockamamie tax proposals by republican candidates for president:

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Friday, June 17, 2011

heartbreaking: teen mom school getting shut down in detroit, mi

why aren't any of our political leaders doing anything about this?!?
how does one man get to call the shots about what is best for these young women at risk and this community in general?!
Wanna help? Sign petitions here.

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the Detroit Public Schools found an operator to continue the work of the Catherine Ferguson Academy. it will now be run as a charter school.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

like a fucking bawsssss!!! obama puts #HCR on governors' hands

think you can do better than the affordable care act?
yeah? do you? really?!?!
well, prez obama wants you to put up or shut up:

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

@sxsw time my twitches!!! check this calendar for some free action

added a bunch of new shit to this calendar.
i.e.: fader fort line-up
i.e.: moby's vegan bbq
i.e.: some shit shows w/TV on the Radio, Big Boi, Sleigh Bells, Theophilus London!
check 'em out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

this is my dislocated shoulder: a two year glimpse into the austin music scene

hello my lovelies!
during the month of march i will have 30+ fotos hanging on the walls of thunderbird coffe on east manor road.
below you will find the amazing flyer designed by my great friend jorge @ frebruary forth design:

you can purchase the fotos @ thunderbird for $15/each [mounted on LP record sleeves]; if you'd like them printed out bigger &/or mounted on anything else &/or framed, please contact me.
here's a slideshow of the fotos available:

thanks to my friends @ unwed fathers + incohero's carlos cantu + panther country for performing last friday. much <3 to all of you!
thanks to thunderbird coffe + giant steps productions for supporting all that is live music!

table manners crew presents: str8 hood shit vol. 3 w/kid slyce + rapid ric @ plush, january 22 2011

twas party time my twitches!
can't nobody do hood shit like plush + table manners + keep it local + kid slyce + rapid ric.
fun times can't stop & won't stop!
check yo' self out:

Monday, March 7, 2011

jubilee + dj orion @ beauty bar, february 11th 2011

i've witnessed jubilee bring a raucous party two times!
add PELIGROSA all-star dj orion to the mix & it got pretty damned hot in february.
those fucking assholes @ the liquor store by the ol' music gym started towing & took my car that night. dropped $250+ as ransom, yet i still couldn't get over how much fun i had this night.
anyway, check 'er out:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

well shiver me' timbers hunny! @coachella 2011 official line-up announced!

honestly, not stoked for most the headliners, but there's tons of gems that are worth the trip.
well, unless i get to see 'em during @sxsw ;)

coachella 2011


The Black Keys

Ms. Lauren Hill

Cee Lo Green
Cut Copy
Cold War Kids
Sleigh Bells

Tame Impala
Nosaj Thing

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Omar Rodriguez-López
Moving Units
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears


Arcade Fire

Animal Collective
Mumford & Sons
Bright Eyes
Empire of the Sun
The Kills

One Day as a Lion
Erykah Badu

Scissor Sisters
The New Pornographers
Gogol Bordello
Laidback Luke

Freeland Whales


Duran Duran
The National
PJ Harvey
Death From Above 1979

Wiz Khalifa
Nas & Damian Marley

Jimmy Eat World
Bloody Beetroots
Duck Sauce

Neon Trees
The Presets

Best Coast
Lightning BoltGreen Velvet

Foster the People

Rye Rye