Monday, September 28, 2009

reversa! sonido boombox happy hour @ sazon ft. peligrosa all stars & kanko, august 26th 2009

buddies: manolo black + hobo d + orión = peligrosa all stars + p. saucido + kanko + sazón = some fotitos of some buenos tiempitos:

kirk cameron gets pwnd! bill oh really?! is a fluffer

if intelligence is sexy, kirk cameron & bill o'reilly are walkin' libido killers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

chief complaint: AUTO VS BIKE

just wanted to let everyone know, with a little more detail, how my accident went down last week.
my best friend aisha & i left my condo around 10:45pm. our first stop of the night was shangri-la, where we had a couple of drinks thanks to our buddy kenji. we hung out & shot the shit for about an hour.
a few minutes before midnight we got on our way to malverde. we started out riding west on 6th st., had a green light as we approached the north-bound access road of i35. i crossed the 1st light w/aisha trailing me by about 2 bike's lengths. the 2 outer lanes [of 3] on the south-bound access road had cars waiting for their light to turn green. about 5-10 feet from the intersection, from my peripherals, i saw a car coming on the middle lane. it seemed like it was going 40-50 miles an hour, never even slowing down for the red light or after it hit me. it was so fast, i barely had time to think "OH SHIT!!!". my inability to stop had NOTHING to do with the type of bike i ride, a fixed gear. there was just no way anyone could've stopped that fast, w/that short a distance.
i hit the side, towards the rear end of the car. from what aisha tells me, i went airborne & may have even done a flip! i landed on my back, got a big scratch directly above my tail-bone, my right hip is swollen, my left hand has some nice scratches, broke the 5th metacarpal on my left hand, and some bumps/scratches on my face/head.
i was taken to brackenridge hospital, where they performed a ct scan of my head & neck & x-ray of my hand. unfortunately i don't currently have health insurance, so i took a trip to mcallen, texas [where my parents currently live] so i can see a hand surgeon that my dad knows & is willing to give me a discount on his services. my 3 hour stay @ seton industries has cost me $3,000+.
i wanna thank everyone at the scene who was kind enough to help & provide information to the authorities. i'm hoping that the austin police department is able to find the driver so i can sick reposa on him/her!

UPDATE! received the bill from brackenridge hospital = $15,553.25
dept. of labor's 2009 poverty guideline for a 1 person household = $10,830.00
minimum wage $7.25 x 40 hrs. x 52 wks. = $15,080.00 [before taxes]

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

$1 loneys all month if you ride a bike to the jackelope!

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tu mama!+la bironga de tejas!!!=
a whoopin' good time!

you're fuckin' kidding me?!?! they let dolts like this spew their ignorance thru OUR airwaves?!

maria bartiromo...
what can be said of someone THIS mind numbingly ignorant?
i don't know how rep. weiner kept his cool while explaining something so obvious.
i wish these so called experts would take the time to actually bone up on the details of the plans they oppose.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009