Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hip hop night @ nasty's: or a farewell to our homie prince klassen, september 27th 2010

friend of this blog, prince klassen, is moving to the big apple to fulfill his dream of eating real jew donuts.
though we are sad to see 'im off, we wish 'im the best w/those jew donuts.
i could do a bunch of google "research" to verify this, but monday nights @ nasty's is the longest running hip hop night in the universe.
dj mel & prince wreck it every night sonnnnnn!!!
check it here:

Monday, September 27, 2010

the return of returns! zzk records presents: frikstailers w/peligrosa @ beauty bar, september 26th 2010

peligrosa does it again on a sunday funday!
this time zzk records' el g came along w/half of frikstailers, lisandro sona (aka sandro lee, aka dj sandro de america).
thanks to hobo d + sonora + manolo black + dj orión for bringin' the heat & keepin' that dance floor full of ass shakin' cuties!
check out the estilo:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

sonora's PELIGROSA debut party @ club deville, september 17th 2010

this was last week's epic @PELIGROSA party @ club deville.
@sonora's debut as the latest member of one of the hottest dj crews this side of the mason-dixon.
el jefe, @dj orión, presente!
el veterano, @manolo black, presente!
el gavacho, @hobo d, presente!
el young gun, @pagame, presente!
el productor, @dj dus, presente!
hope the fotos show how good a time everyone had.
hope you can join us next time!
hope you enjoy...

Friday, September 24, 2010

hot dang! @chromeo is errrrrrrywhere! kick ass!

check out the kiddie show yo gabba gabba, w/special musical guest CHROMEO, #BOOM

don't forget to cop "business casual", it's one of the top jams of the year!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

small businesses or how some corporations take advantage of the tax code to weasel out of payin' taxes

anyone out ther... a; ioeht;vsg
oops, sorry, i was rotfl. anyone out there! right!
anyway, i'd really like to know what other tax experts think about this piece.
i'm always skeptical of republicans & their chicken shit rhetoric hiding behind the "small business" fallacy.
countdown does a good job showing what kind of businesses abuse the s-corporation rule to maximize profits in spite of the well-being of the country & government.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

it gets better project: dan and terry

just ran into this via @maddowblog.
i <3 dan savage. he's one of the funniest/cleverest/smartest sex columnists around [check out savage love here]
this is a wonderful project where people talk about how their lives get better in the context of growing up gay.
here's the link to the youtube channel:

video premiere: @_cubiczirconia- hoes come out at night (ft. lex)

got a chance to meet this trio of awesomeness during sxsw oh ten. they were being interviewed by karma loop clothing @ beauty bar, right next to my foto booth set up. the lead singer, tiombe lockhart, was just off the chain! the group was asked "what are the best tacos in austin?" by the KL interviewer, as the other 2 members of CZ answered, her response was something along the lines of "right now, it's my pink taco" BOOM. i don't know if i was the only one who caught it, but she looked over at me & we giggled like a couple of 13 y/o's.
their music ain't bad either.
check out CZ's new video below.
<3'n it!


From Giant Steps Productions Present: SHITFACED @ Booty Bar

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

peligrosa's newest member, sonora, drops "siempre fresco" ep!

i think more artists need to take advantage of the name your own price format.
not sayin' this 'cause i'm a stingy piece of shit, but economists have actually studied it and found that it's a viable way to sell a product. check out what these nerds have found: freakonomics!
back to the musica! @peligrosa's new kid on the block, hailin' from san anotnio, joseph perez aka: @sonora, just drop'd the "siempre fresco" ep.
got to peep his skills last month during the @peligrosa party, then he drop'd some bombs last friday @ club deville.
highly recommend y'all download these 5 tracks & throw a few bones his way so we can hear more from this very talented homeboy!

<a href="">SIempre Fresco EP by Sonora</a>

Monday, September 20, 2010

gtronic: sucker punch [@princeklassen nihonmahton remix] [@pagame edit]

check out what one of my favorite homeboys has been doin' as of late:

Gtronic - Sucker Punch (Prince Klassen Nihonmahton Remix) (Pagame Edit) by Pagame

you owe me a track release dawg!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

parking + busdriver @ red 7, september 16th 2010

my buddies got so much talent, they gotta have multiple outlets to let it all out.
nicolas luna's got castlenova
michael abraham's got betaplayer
yadira brown's got l.a.x.
nicky & ibrahim's side project, parking, is blowin' shit up! this time they opening up for l.a.'s busdriver.
yadira's sweet voice had to get on parking's new single.
i got to hang out w/'em as they rehearsed the song for the 1st time & only a couple of hours before their gig @ red 7.
check it out:

parking birfday show w/beauty sleep + kid slyce @ plush, september 4th 2010

got to celebrate my homeboy & parking/betaplayer frontman ibrahim's birfday @ the new spot on the block, the ND at 501 studios, or formerly the independent.
bummed that i've never heard of beauty sleep, but i'd like to see/hear lots more!
then it was the saturday hip hop tradition @ plush, for wheel$ of $teel extraordinaire & table manners crew's own kid slyce. it's always good to party w/the fam!
cheers y'all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

bit of some night life from the early parts of septiembre 2010

my buddy trey aka manolo black invited me to the machete premiere afterpart @ austin studios. there were loads of free dos equis, apparently some tacos, austin cum l.a. types, celebrities like peligrosa all star @dj orión, lax's ms. erin j., ms. elise g. & mr. javier v.. oh, & danny trejo, michelle rodriguez, ken leung, robert rodriguez, davíd garza were also there.

from a quick night out on friday...
my homies from @unwed fathers did their thing @ thunderbird e., then a quick jaunt to booty bar for some dancin' w/my favorite ladies dj hero d, super host isabel j & lax's yadira b.
check it:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

looky look! how to make a Your Mom's buger!

check out my homeboy ryan b., owner of Your Mom's Burger Bar, whippin' up an off menu monster burger called "the buford t. justice".
order it next time you're in the hood & bust a gut w/that beast!
p.s.: follow Your Mom's on twitter for weekly specials & heckuva deals!

Friday, September 3, 2010

gtronic - sucker punch (prince klassen nihonmahton remix)

check out what one of my favorite homeboys has been doin' as of late:

don't know wtf a nihonmahton is, but my ears couldn't give 2 fucks. this here is ear <3.

next time i'm a drunk mess i'll ask @prince klassen if he can essplain it to me.