Thursday, June 18, 2009

a bailar cabron & empty bottles @ creekside lounge, june 12th 2009

i apologize if this post doesn't make any sense, but i'm totally fatigued & nearly delirious.
from what i remember this night was pretty fuckin' awesome! i got to chill w/my holmes javier @ industry. it was a mellow night, w/king louie & john gomi on the wheels of steel, a keg & good people. louie talked me into tossin' my bike in the back of his roomie's suv so i could help 'im take his gear to creekside. r.o.t. rally weekend made us park like 5 blocks away, luggin' 2 heavy turntables, a mixer & a laptop. met up w/el mero dave, orión, mexijen, vanessa & heather. a bailar cabron was a success once again!
check the scene:

to add on to the silliness dave & i ran into tyson [of pack o' squirrels fame]. turned out that his murder city devils cover band, empty bottles, was playin' the inside stage @ creekside. i somehow managed to get in w/out payin', but missed about half the set. tyson & dave got totally shithouse! so much that teeson ended up a wreck on stage... it was still a fun/fun/fun time & i think the pix show it.
good night!

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