Saturday, October 30, 2010

giant steps productions presents: east side zombie pub crawl, october 29th 2010

my boy 'the bone' over @ giant steps productions & the lovely ashley whipped up a great zombie soirée on the east side of austin's drinkin' scene.
it all started out @ the liberty, where 30 undead joined up for some tasty zombie hour draaanks.
stop numbero dos was the new joint on the east 6th block, italo's pizza, where the zombie crew doubled in size!. benny from now dead creekside & still kickin' 04 lounge fame is makin' some really tasty pizza's @ this cool spot. please check 'em out when you get hungries.
stop numero tres was the brixton, where we met up w/so many zombies that i pretty much lost count. either that or i got tipsy!
stop numero cuatro was rio rita. i was not able to get their famed tasty bevies 'cause the line was just nuts! good time though. lots of great zombies!
stop numbero cinco was @ cheer up charlie's, where we met up w/zombies & bears & got to enjoy some fine tunes from the appropriately named butcher bear & charlie. no bevies @ this fine establishment either 'cause of the loooong zombie lines & lack of ca$h :(
the night got sweatier & bloodier @ the last stop of the crrrawl, iron gate. peligrosa's very own pagame & hobo d made our undead bodies rock w/a special guest spot from raw word chief dj orión.
though this first[?] east side zombie pub crawl pales in comparison to the big daddy crawl in minneapolis, we still got a great group of party people out for a super fun time.
thanks to all the bars, to james & ashley for putting together a great event & to all the pretty zombies for coming out.
enjoy my amigos muertos!

Friday, October 29, 2010

video: "i remember" or my daily scream into the abyss: please get out & VOTE!

found this ad via the maddow blog, it's from the international brotherhood of boilermakers PAC & packs a really good punch:

as of this post, there's a little over an hour left of early voting here in central texas, so if you can, find a voting site here [remember, during early voting you can cast your ballot from any location! whichever is closest to you].
if you won't get a chance to vote before super tuesday, you'll have to vote at the precinct where you're registered, find your precinct below:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

video: balloon guy is back w/a bridge to sell ya'

y'all remember that asshole who made up the story about his kid sneaking into a balloon & it flew away?
well, he's gotta new invention to sell ya'!
luckily this one won't fly away:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

video: get your motha'truckin' @$$ out there & vote!

check out illinois immigrant action's funny sock-puppet video to encourage young latinos to get out there & vote for the IL senate race between democratic state treasurer alexi giannoulias and congressperson mark kirk:

thanks to crooks&liars for the link!

if you're in travis county, find your early voting locations here.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

video: look by sebastien tellier or "did i already mention how much i love sebastien tellier?!?!"

from the album "Sexuality" on Record Makers/Lucky Number.
dang! this is pure sexxx!

Sebastien Tellier - Look from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo

thanks to amir e. for the find!

Friday, October 22, 2010

official @funfunfunfest afterparty w/dj orión & the full peligrosa crew @ the nd, november 5th 2010

raw word records chief & peligrosa all star dj orión will be rockin' your bodies after fun fun fun fest's friday line-up.
this official party will get nuts!
the nd is a really cool place w/a giant screen that will be lit up by vj m.e.t.a.
this is gonna cost ya': $5 w/ffffest wristband or $10 w/out.
do some homework, get familiar w/orión's new boombahchero set HERE.
come have fun w/one of the best digi-cumbia crews in the nation!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

attn! nerdalert: photoshoppin' fun w/political ads

councilman joel burns & his husband j.d. angle interviewed on msnbc's the last word

this interview was done last night, during lawrence o'donnell's the last word.
it's a great view of the lead-up to mr. burns' epic speech at the fort worth city council.
something that mr. angle, a political consultant, said really made an impression on me & it's something that politicians should live by:
"when our elected officials and our public servants act with courage and integrity, they're almost always right."
words to represent by.

get your civic duty on! early voting locations for travis county

hey chica/os of the austin area!
even though it ain't sexxxy like in '08, we still need to get out & vote in these midterm elections.
the experts are saying that the youth will stay @ home this election year. make them eat those words.
pretty please! w/candy on top.
check out the file below [it will update automatically via travis county elections dept.] & find the convenientest spot for you to pull that lever. whichever side you swing for, just make sure your voice is heard.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

rent is too damn high!!! go jimmy GO!


Crying Out Loud by maxread

whatta miraculous 'stache on this gentleman!

32 tracks of boombahchero goodness via dj orión

question goes something like this: "tell me the company you keep, and i'll tell you what you are."
then, lemme answer like this: imma kick ass artist...
my buddy orión is gettin' on the forefront of the boombahchero genre with his latest compilation.
click on 'em legs! you know you want to:

Boombahchero Vol 1 - DJ Orión

don't be stingy! drop some dollar$ on it...
best deal this side of the mason dixon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

it HAS GOT to get better: fort worth city councilman Joel Burns

this is from the "it gets better" series started by dan savage & his husband.
it truly feels that we are the cusp of a great wave of change for our gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered sisters and brothers. i feel that soon they will have ALL the rights we heterosexuals take for granted.
please watch it & share it:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

video: monzter hozpital by zeale

this looks pretty damn good...
this feels pretty damn good...
this sounds pretty damn good too!!!
pretty stoked to know zeale
pretty stoked that he's doing so well
pretty stoked to have an austin mc rep'n tejas
check out his newest video for monzter hozpital:

keep a lookout for his new mixtape, DISASTERKRFT, droppin' at the end of this month...

antoine dodson w/michael gregory @ the BET hip hop awards!

dang! i wish antoine & his fam the best!
way to use those 15 minutes for good mayn.
& i'm such a huge-rrrr fan of the gregory brothers. been checkin' their stuff out since rachel maddow had 'em on their show last year.

Monday, October 11, 2010

lean forward: into a really cool ad campaign for msnbc

just caught this @rachel maddow's show blog.
says that their ad was done by spike lee. don't know if they were all directed by him, but they're all pretty damn cool.
it's probably the politiksnerd in me talkin'...
check it out:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sunday, October 10, 2010

learning secrets presents: sleigh bells @ beauty bar, october 9th 2010

tried to avoid the austin city limits festival as much as possible this year. got to leave town for work on thursday & even had a chance to stop in houston to hang w/one of my besties in her new/old digs.
couldn't stay away for the epicness @ @booty bar saturday night though. noise pop duo, @sleigh bells, were brought to town by the @learning secrets crew. i made it back to town just in time to wait during the longest soundcheck ever! i think there were some issues w/a sound board or something like it, whatever it was, it took a long time to get derek & alexis on stage. during the 2nd song, alexis' vocals were barely audible, but after that speed bump everything went smoothly. short. but smooth.
this was the 2nd time to see slay bells, & they have lived up to the slay part both times.
check out all the side stage shots i took!

Sleigh Bells: A/B Machines from comandante quito on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

motherfuckers need to pay attention! #whyimvotingDEMOCRAT!!

i read/listen/watch/breathe/eat/drink politics 23/7.
y'all may have noticed.
we're less than a month away from the midterm elections.
the meme is that democrats are plagued by an "enthusiasm gap".
the meme is that democrats are going to lose big this election.
the meme is that in the last year + 1/2, the administration hasn't done anything/enough.
the reality is that while we're not out of the shit hole [dug by politicians of the republican persuasion], we ARE on our way out of said shit hole.
took 8 years, for a previous administration & a compliant senate/house of reps, to get us in said shit hole.
com'n sonnn! it's gonna take a bit longer & lots MORE hard work to get out of it.