Friday, June 26, 2009

sonido boombox happy hour @ sazon ft. peligrosa all-stars + unwed fathers @ agave june 17th 2009

as y'all can probably already tell from all the foto sets, i've been hangin' out w/the peligrosa all stars quite a bit. they've anointed the honor of unofficial fotographer ;)
dj orión asked me take pictures @ their 1st gig w/metv's sonido boombox show. my man frank mendoza peep'd me to paul saucido & the saucido slant blog. paul's the host of sonido boombox & he had used some of my fotos from the ozomatli gig @ republic square park. we met @ sazon & he told me that if i took pictures of the filming, he'd use 'em on his blog. it was a great time hangin' w/manolo black, hobo d & dj orión, gettin' some good fotos of the interviews, drinkin' some coooold tecates & shootin' the shit for the 1st time w/dj pagame aka jaimito! oh! & i got to meet one of my ex's nemesis... it was a pleasure lydia!
check out some o' the good shit!

my big brother dave played a quick set on a slow night @ agave on 6th. for some of austin's n00bs, a lil' bit of local history; agave used to be what plush is now. this is where bands like games & theory, bitter tongues, in praise of folly, bohemian grove disco, assacre, oceanus, mad vega, the kirby, indofin, transmography, gary clark jr., jamie bullard, mayor, steers, velorum, the tuna helpers & many more came up. check out some of the links & take a trip back in recent history.
davey played a short set for the true believers:

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