Thursday, September 15, 2011

best new thing in national politics: Elizabeth Warren for U.S. senator

@ElizabethForMA on @Maddow
<3'n this:

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check out her official announcement below:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

dave nada + matt nordstrom = nadastrom w/dj sabo @ rio room, august 4th 2011

took me near a month to goddang get on these fotos.
been kinda of a busy month.
btw, why i gotta take sooooo many fotos when i get drunk?!
also, by the end of the night, it's like my dick takes over foto duties :)
anyway, these here are fotos from a last minute road trip i took w/some of the peligrosa crew to dallas.
moombahton fathers matt nordstrom + dave nada = NADASTROM got their swerve on @ a fancy joint in the highland park 'hood.
i think george bush jr. could probs hear the commotion.
this was the kinda place where they sold mickey's grenades for $8.
being the shady MF that i am, i went out to the corner store to buy a couple of 6-packs, then snuck one of 'em in to the club.
anyway, check 'em out: