Saturday, May 30, 2009

friday nite lows may 29th 2009

our homeboy javier @ imperial printing invited us to a party @ his shop. awesome fotography, killer t-shirt prints & lotsa pretty pretty girls & boys. everyone should check out isaac solomon's fotos, they're pretty fuckin' AMAZIN'! wish i had 1/2 the talent of this dude.
after some free booze & runnin' into my ex [we're totally cool now] i rode to creekside to meet up w/mexijen for my weekly orión fix. was lucky enough to run into my #1 hetero crush & got plenty of pictures of the revelin'. fun/late nites abound!

bouncin' on the nite may 28th 2009

GODDAMNED thin bike tires! gotta flat in front of the rosewood projects on my way to see john e glock & blend-e @ lanai. walked the bike back home w/out any troubles from my new neighbors.
eventually found parking on the east side of 35, went over to plush to see mez-one & orión. brian from like dogs talked me into walkin' to lanai, we stopped @ barcelona to say hi to ryan & garret. lanai was super mellow, the yuppies weren't out that night.
walked back to plush & danced it up w/rahel & carla. 2am came & as i talked to orión about his set & some shot went off right outside the doors. come to find out later some dumb kids got pissed off at the spiro's staff & shot into the crowd. 8 peeps got shot! CRAZY ass shit! here are some different kinda shot:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

beat it! nerd @ plush says goodbye howard! may 25th 2009

2009 memorial day weekend refused to end quietly into the sunday night. i somehow woke up 'round 10am on monday, had some breakfast at bouldin creek coffee house, then went to do a presentation @ the austin convention center. barely kept my food in while presentin' to a crowd of 5!
felt much better after a long nap & then went over to plush to check out like dogs, baby robots and rabbit fist. the plush fam got together to say goodbye to one of their own, howard dyal.

here are some pictures of the good times:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

skinny john's birfday celebration @ barcelona may 24th 2009

whoa! what a great fuckin' memorial day! hung out w/the plush & barcelona crews to celebrate skinny john/john e glock's birthday. our homie killed it w/some hawt dub-step. ryan & brian made sure i had a drink in my hand the whole time! thanks boys!

here's the evidence:

Monday, May 25, 2009

kid slyce @ light bar & peligrosa @ beauty bar may 23rd 2009

wow! what an intense weekend! woke up an hour ago from a much needed/deserved nap. feelin' tons better & 'bout to head over to plush for a rockin' going away party. like dogs are gonna set it off again, followed by baby robots and cry blood apache... it's beat it! nerd mondays & we say goodbye to ex-like dog howard dyal.

got to check out my man kid slyce @ light bar saturday night. couldn't stay too long, was on a mission to find ms. andrée. ended up @ booty bar w/the peligrosa crew: manolo black, hobo d & orión. it was great ridin' 'round on my bike w/out worryin' 'bout parking. nearly got run over a couple of times, but it was F.U.N!!!

enough blather... here are the pics!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

dj crown & klever @ barcelona & lamar pedestrian bridge punk rock ruckus

hung out w/the peen scene kids @ barcelona on 6th st. [fyi, no turf wars ensued ;)]. dj crown from table manners crew held it down before klever got on the decks and ripped it w/some dancy ass black metal/disco house mixes.

stopped over @ plush to hang w/my friends amitiss & jeff [aka dj chicken george], had a blast trying to get a lady friend of theirs to shake it on the dance-floor. the after party spot turned out to be the lamar pedestrian bridge where a couple of rowdy ass punk bands gave the kids something to slam about. i got some shots of the pit, but am too much of a chicken shit to actually get in there. mike from the peen scene is much tougher than i, so he got some great pics from the inside. check 'em out here.

enjoy amiguitos!

Friday, May 22, 2009

consider the source and betaplayer @ mohawk may 20th 2009

the mohawk hosted the last consider the source show...

seems like there's been a few of these goodbye shows lately. betaplayer played their first show w/CST, so it was fitting that they also played on their last.

in addition to the farewell, at midnight we got to celebrate james' [now ex-CST drummer, current bankrupt & the borrowers drummer & 1/2 of quito & the bone] 28th birthday. hope you had a good one buddy! & best of luck to the CST boys in their future endeavors!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the bankrupt bailout & tour stimulus package at hole in the wall sunday may 17th 2009

the boys from bankrupt & the borrowers w/the help of the versatile syndicate and east cameron put together a mini festival inside the expanded hole in the wall on the drag. 3 stages, 15 bands & a whole lotta fun. all to help out the b&tb's on their upcoming east coast tour.

my camera battery eventually died, but i was able to snap fotos of 10 of the bands.

it was a great fun time w/a whole lotta friends... a whole lotta family!

enjoy amigos!

in no particular order:

'stache bash w/toddy b & jesse brede @ lanai's rooftop lounge saturday may 16th 2009

this night out was brief and nearly did not happen. austin got pounded w/some heavy rain during the day, which, i'm sure, canceled at least one bbq that was gonna be amazing. i had no other plans, but luckily mexijen called me up to join her girls' night out. parking was TERRIBLE, but finally found a spot 5 blocks away from lanai, 'round midnight!

toddy b and jesse brede hosted the 'stache bash! along for the ride were austin's beautiful set :) my mustache, is NOT fake...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

like dogs, total faggots and that damned band @ creekside lounge friday may 15th, 2009

almost had a fotography meltdown friday... my old nikon d100 was takin' forever to load all the previous night's fotos onto my old dell lappy, which made things sticky 'cause i only have one memory card. had to swallow my pride & go into walmart for some late night supplies. bought a 12mb/s [vs my 20/mb/s] card that the salesperson said would be okay on a digital camera. maybe he didn't think an slr takes huger fotos. to make the story longer, it would take my d100 almost an eternity to write 1 picture on the card. had to resort to using the .jpg format, which is less conducive to editing in adobe lightroom.

enough griping! got to creekside lounge too late for the bridge farmers, but caught my homies from like dogs! austin, brian & eric tore it up once again in the darkness of creekside's indoor stage. the total faggots sadly played their last show, but went out w/a bang! that damned band closed out the show.


bankrupt & the borrowers and akina adderley & the vintage playboys @ antone's thursday may 14th, 2009

the bankrupt kids asked me to attend their gig at the historic austin venue antone's. bankrupt & the borrowers played after akina adderley & the vintage playboys and pinetop perkins. they boys killed it, as usual, 'cause it's not every day one gets to play on the same stage where legends have played.

here are some pictures from that night:

bar hoppin' thursday may 14th 2009

welcome to the subcomandante quito foto blog...

this is my 1st proper entry into the blogosphere and the debut at

last week a busy one for me, got to enjoy the austin nightlife from thursday to sunday.

the first slide show comes from a lil' bar hoppin' i did on thursday. got to see the learning secrets DJ's, then rolled up on my hang out plush to check out dj digg & mez one.