Saturday, June 6, 2009

peligrosa all-stars & ozomatli @ republic square park june 3rd 2009

big ups to orión, hobo d & manolo black of the peligrosa all-stars for gettin' me "backstage" access to this great show w/ozomatli, in the middle of downtown austin. it's sooooo great to live in a city where people of all backgrounds can come together in the middle of the week, after a hard day's work, under the shade of tall buildings & beautiful trees & enjoy some great tunes. all of it just by donating some bux to a local non-profit, blue dog rescue.

peligrosa got the crowd ready w/some tasty cumbia/hip hop/merengue/salsa cuts. it was my 1st time seein' ozo & they surely didn't disappoint. those boys can play, but i'm sure y'all know & if you don't, get wise!

here's the evidence:

later update...

after the park i stumbled over to red 7 w/my homeboy james to check out orión's hip hop set. DANG! this dude never stops! wonder what he's runnin' on?! thanks to james' connections we got in to emo's to check out the much hyped passion pit show. on our way in joey p was blastin' the inside stage w/shitty carwash.

rant time: i fuckin' hate the emo's soundsystem! the end. [fyi: this rant would've been much longer had i paid to get in]

here are a few shots of what i saw:

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  1. hahaha I love "this rant would be longer had I paid to get in" troof.