Thursday, June 24, 2010

save the date bitches: peligrosa all stars @ club deville! 7/16/2010

the boys are back w/out any special guests, but surely will be a sweaty good time once again.
this time i will NOT.MISS.IT!!!
neither should YOU.
friday. july. sixteenth. oh.ten.
tre$ dolare$
check the peeeeeeemp flier from orión!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cut ups: dj orión + prince klassen + pagame + disco shawn + dubbel dutch @ iron gate, june 19th 2010

after the exodus of red fez's coolest staff peeps, the cut ups will now be takin' the fun times to e. 6th st dive iron gate.
fresh from the previous night's @peligrosa throwdown, @dj orión, @pagame & @disco shawn joined by @prince klassen & @dubbel dutch for some pretty god damned good times. especially my drunk ass trying to teach @isabelj how to dance & hula hoopin' w/other pretty patrons.
while i cut the proverbial rug, mr. beats beers tacos & bikes himself @dj cauze-one, took care of documenting the party.
party time!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

girls: 'lust for life' #nsfw

some time back i posted a video of ghostface killah's that showed some bangin' azz hotties cookin' crack.
it's been a while since then.
it's about time for some gratuitous t & a & c action!!!
this one's a lil' bit different...
thanks girls

Girls - Lust for Life - NSFW version from Focus Creeps on Vimeo.

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st annual broadhill 2on2 b-ball tourney + world cup bbq, june 12th 2010

coach smiznO & the broadhill ballers are some hard partyin' mothertruckers!
a keg, tons of meats on the grills, usa v. uk on the big screen tv, dj avi on the dex & b-ball under the mean mean sun!
yours truly & unweddave got their asses handed to 'em by kid slyce & zeale, duh! [next time, imma get y'all!!!] in the 1st round. then bunch of other cats hoop'd & brawl'd until only team buddy reigned over all. personally, i think there was some home court advantage.
all in all, i had a great time day-chillin' w/a lot really cool gatos.
thanks justin, smiznO, adam & everyone else for a great saturday.

dropout zine issue 4 release party @ fastfolks, june 6th 2010

the fast folks @fastfolks cyclery [see how clever i am?!] somehow managed to throw down a major party @ zilker park during the day, then an evening shindig @ their store on e. 6th.
the boys from parking played an impromptu set to the lone star <3'n crowd.
bikes & their bikers where en masse.
dropout zines were abound.
& cuties as far as the eye could see!
thanks @fastfolks! i <3 you.

the triumphant return of like dogs! w/parking + hobomouth + the bread + east cameron folkcore @ hole in the wall, june 4th 2010

i ain't never seen so many stage divin', crowd surfin' hooligans @ hole in the wall.
it was the most appropriate scene for the return of randy-jean baker, deep truckin' hank mccoy & smiznO. this was a family event with the bread, parking, east cameron folkcore & hobomouth [so bummed to have missed: the best love in town, bridge farmers & revenants]. like dogs released a cd that i'm proud to have helped with. this certainly was one of the funnest shows i've been to all year.
thanks to all the friends who were there.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

unwed fathers + melissa holt @ thunderbird coffee e., june 4th 2010

these are my friends. they sing. they make beautiful music. they let me take fotos of them. they are family:

table manners crew: kid slyce @ plush, may 22nd 2010

another night of drinkin'.
another night of dancin'.
another night of revelry.
another night of table manners.
another night of plush.
oh. the. hangover!
oh. how. i. <3. it!!!

peligrosa all stars ft. dj dus & chief boima @ club deville, may 21st 2010

i'm sittin' in front of my lappy, feelin' a lil' bit down & out, watchin' l&o: svu in my undies, while my @peligrosa all star homies are spinnin' @ club deville. totally. fucking. jealous. have fun fellas!
may's peli party featured san fran's @chief boima + corpitos' @dj dus. the crew was rollin' in full effect w/@pagame + @manolo black + @hobo d [@dj_orion was makin' booties clap in houston + dallas w/@prince klassen for @knuckle rumbler's strawberry criminal mash-up tour].
a great time was had by all the sweaty bodies on that thurrrr dance floor! even @the peen scene was out shakin' their hot bods!

Friday, June 18, 2010

f.u. b.p.: well put mr. vice-president! or f.u. joe barton, r-tx!

an ongoing series of diatribes on b.p./transocean/haliburton's deepwater horizon oil rig debacle in the gulf of mexico. otherwise known as: "sorry b.p. for the inconvenience of the biggest human-made disaster this country has ever seen."

found this tid bit of news via @crooksandliars:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

f.u. b.p. shareholders! or FUCK YOU british petroleum shareholders! for you non-acronym usin' peeps

i hope this post doesn't come off as an angry rant towards the subjects in the title. i am a dirty nicaraguan sailor in the mouth. i cuss when i talk & i cuss when i write too. please don't take all the fuck bombs as a sign of anger or ignorance. i'm sure to be looking at this from a very myopic point of view, but i welcome comments & hate mail.

for the past week or so i've been hearing/reading about b.p. investors' gripes on how the "obama administration has been using b.p. as a political football", "[president] obama is beating up on b.p. to score political points for the upcoming mid-term elections", one english investor even had the fucking balls to say that the people in the gulf coast will be compensated, but who would compensate the investors whose dividends will be suspended for the rest of the year?!?!?!?!? really! come on! who'll save us from not getting our oil money checks?!?!

FUCKING JEEBUS CHRIST! cry me a fucking oily river, won't you!?!

now, i do understand that these are not all fat cats collecting million £ [pound] checks, driven to the bank by chauffeurs in rolls royces & munchin' on grey poupon sammiches or whatever the fuck. there are some retirees who make a meager living off of their retirement checks, whilst chomping on fish & chips. aaaand! there are even some old folks here in the ol' u. s. of a. whose retirement checks come from funds that have invested in b.p..

what gets me all fucking in a tissy is that these little cry babies are all blaming the united states government [yes, the obama administration] for being oh, so, mean to british petroleum inc..

if there was a whale of a gusher jizzin' all that tejas gold on the white, sandy shores of the united kingdom, they'd be callin' for the guillotine on whichever "american" company c.e.o. was at fault for fucking shit up. & i'm sure there would be some cry baby american investors who'd be huffin' & puffin' about their fallin' stock prices as well.

some of these chicken shit motherfuckers say that they depend on their dividend checks to buy groceries & just get by. well, maybe you shouldn't have invested in a company that makes its money by suckin' up the dead corpses of ancient critters in mile deep waters to support your golden years.

i know! i know! "but subcomandante! most these people don't actually invest in b.p. directly. they are part of retirement funds that invest a bunch of old people's $ in b.p. & whatever other stock seems to be profitable". well, then their fucking beef is w/the retirement fund administrator or w/b.p.'s upper management for puttin' profits over the safety of their employees & their responsibility as stewards of this fucking earth.

alls i'm sayin' is that the obama administration, whether you agree w/their politics or not, is looking out for the interests/safety of its citizens. b.p. is a foreign owned corporation that is being allowed to drill on OUR coasts, for OUR oil, sell it back to US & through this ass backwards deal become one of the RICHEST companies in the F.U.C.K.I.N.G! world.

so, i'm sooooo sorry that for 6 months you won't be gettin' your fucking checks! but there are motherfuckers from the gulf coast who are breathing toxic fumes, cleaning up gobs of nasty ass oil, not going along w/their usual business of fishin'/shrimpin' or whatever it is they do. there's wild life covered in the nasty shit we burn inside our engines. there are marshes that will take who knows how many fucking years to recover from this mess.

i'm sure all those people/birds/fish would <3 their lives back too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

f.u. b.p. or FUCK YOU british pretroleum! for you non-acronym usin' peeps

via @maddowblog & via @cl_atlanta & thanks to atlanta public access for this dope piece of street/folk/guerrilla/graffiti art from hotlanta's krog st. tunnel!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

bp's coffee spill: day 47!

from upright citizens brigade theater:

would be pretty tight & real if that was really kevin costner?!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

l.a.x., missions in space & dj orión @ the parish, may 20th 2010

@l.a.x. is doin' it & doin' it & doin' it well!
these boys & girls are certainly on an upward trajectory. they always put on a great show & for their "a ep" release party, they certainly did not disappoint.
@knuckle rumbler put on a great party along w/alison narro on photobooth duty, @dj orión makin' sure everyone kept 'em booties shakin' between sets & @frank hot dogs & cold beer providin' $10 gift certificates for all attendees!
had a great time w/loads of good peeps.

bonus #1: my homegirl jen from the peen scene was on foto duty as well, check out their fotos here.
bonus #2: @l.a.x. put out a simple, yet VERY cool video for the single "fakin' it":

digable planets & camp lo @ #s, may 15th 2010

houston tejaaaaas motherfuckers!!!
soon as i heard digable planets were on tour again [only 3 dates!] i snatched up 4 tickets for myself & my besties.
it had been a while since DC had taken a proper road trip. this one was to be one for the books!
i was VERY surprised by camp lo's set. hadn't really gotten into 'em back in the day, but i was pretty glad to have seen 'em perform at least once. they had a ton of energy & had the crowd bouncin' all day.
the texas southern university jazz ensemble set up as the backing band for digable planets. the crowd was pretty intense & clamorin' for butterfly, doodle bug & ladybug mecca.
to mine & probably a few others' disappointment, ladybug mecca did not make this show, just as butterfly didn't in june 2005.
oh. well. whatever beef they have w/each other is what it is. butterfly & doodle bug were still great, but it would've been perfect to have all three members at the same time.

dj orión ft. king louie @ creekside live + uLOVEi ft. dj fuckmefuckme @ end bar/biker gallery, may 14th 2010

it's friday night bitches & the weekends here i need to unwind with the party, mr deeeee jaaaaay!!!
okay, so i mentioned in the crybaby last post that i've been tryin' to be a good boi during the week. well, not so much during the weekend!
my favorite colombiano/german/panameño/puerto-rican/who-knows-what-other-nationality dj, @orión, got the innards of creekside bumpin' again for his weekly party. @king louie was in the spot as well, for an unofficial 'a bailar cabron' set. the purrrdy ladies & the handsome bois got sweaty & durrrrrty on the dancefloor!

the afterparty was again @ end bar//biker gallery. the new anti-dj @fuckmefuckme of the scene made this dive all hot & + sweaty. @uLOVEi made sure the beat kept bumpin'.

we aim to try @ booty bar, may 12th 2010

here's a quickie from a new weekly @booty bar put together by my holmes james of giant steps produtions.
i've been layin' sooooper low during the week lately, but promised "the other james taylor" that i'd take fotos of this evening. unfortunately i missed the 1st band [they went on before 10!], had to skidaddle around midnight so i could get some zzzzz's & not be a total loser at work the next day. wah wah wah wah!
check out we aim to try:

unwed fathers, bob showdown & blue mongeon @ hole in the wall, may 9th 2010

after a homely mothers day weekend i got to enjoy some of my good homies' acoustic sets @ hole in the wall.
i believe gene from the versatile syndicate put this shindig together.
thanks to @unwedfathers, bob showdown, bankrupt blue & the everyone else who picked up a guitar & sang their hearts out.