Tuesday, May 19, 2009

like dogs, total faggots and that damned band @ creekside lounge friday may 15th, 2009

almost had a fotography meltdown friday... my old nikon d100 was takin' forever to load all the previous night's fotos onto my old dell lappy, which made things sticky 'cause i only have one memory card. had to swallow my pride & go into walmart for some late night supplies. bought a 12mb/s [vs my 20/mb/s] card that the salesperson said would be okay on a digital camera. maybe he didn't think an slr takes huger fotos. to make the story longer, it would take my d100 almost an eternity to write 1 picture on the card. had to resort to using the .jpg format, which is less conducive to editing in adobe lightroom.

enough griping! got to creekside lounge too late for the bridge farmers, but caught my homies from like dogs! austin, brian & eric tore it up once again in the darkness of creekside's indoor stage. the total faggots sadly played their last show, but went out w/a bang! that damned band closed out the show.


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