Saturday, May 30, 2009

bouncin' on the nite may 28th 2009

GODDAMNED thin bike tires! gotta flat in front of the rosewood projects on my way to see john e glock & blend-e @ lanai. walked the bike back home w/out any troubles from my new neighbors.
eventually found parking on the east side of 35, went over to plush to see mez-one & orión. brian from like dogs talked me into walkin' to lanai, we stopped @ barcelona to say hi to ryan & garret. lanai was super mellow, the yuppies weren't out that night.
walked back to plush & danced it up w/rahel & carla. 2am came & as i talked to orión about his set & some shot went off right outside the doors. come to find out later some dumb kids got pissed off at the spiro's staff & shot into the crowd. 8 peeps got shot! CRAZY ass shit! here are some different kinda shot:

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