Monday, May 25, 2009

kid slyce @ light bar & peligrosa @ beauty bar may 23rd 2009

wow! what an intense weekend! woke up an hour ago from a much needed/deserved nap. feelin' tons better & 'bout to head over to plush for a rockin' going away party. like dogs are gonna set it off again, followed by baby robots and cry blood apache... it's beat it! nerd mondays & we say goodbye to ex-like dog howard dyal.

got to check out my man kid slyce @ light bar saturday night. couldn't stay too long, was on a mission to find ms. andrée. ended up @ booty bar w/the peligrosa crew: manolo black, hobo d & orión. it was great ridin' 'round on my bike w/out worryin' 'bout parking. nearly got run over a couple of times, but it was F.U.N!!!

enough blather... here are the pics!


  1. thank you pa! and I was serious about helping with whatever, whenever.

  2. Nice Pics! this is my first time seeing them. It was a good nite. thx!