Saturday, May 23, 2009

dj crown & klever @ barcelona & lamar pedestrian bridge punk rock ruckus

hung out w/the peen scene kids @ barcelona on 6th st. [fyi, no turf wars ensued ;)]. dj crown from table manners crew held it down before klever got on the decks and ripped it w/some dancy ass black metal/disco house mixes.

stopped over @ plush to hang w/my friends amitiss & jeff [aka dj chicken george], had a blast trying to get a lady friend of theirs to shake it on the dance-floor. the after party spot turned out to be the lamar pedestrian bridge where a couple of rowdy ass punk bands gave the kids something to slam about. i got some shots of the pit, but am too much of a chicken shit to actually get in there. mike from the peen scene is much tougher than i, so he got some great pics from the inside. check 'em out here.

enjoy amiguitos!


  1. Great shots, that Lamar bridge party looks rowdy

  2. there totally IS a turf war now! btw thanks for all the shouts! :) and nice to see you out, as always. - mike