Tuesday, October 5, 2010

motherfuckers need to pay attention! #whyimvotingDEMOCRAT!!

i read/listen/watch/breathe/eat/drink politics 23/7.
y'all may have noticed.
we're less than a month away from the midterm elections.
the meme is that democrats are plagued by an "enthusiasm gap".
the meme is that democrats are going to lose big this election.
the meme is that in the last year + 1/2, the administration hasn't done anything/enough.
the reality is that while we're not out of the shit hole [dug by politicians of the republican persuasion], we ARE on our way out of said shit hole.
took 8 years, for a previous administration & a compliant senate/house of reps, to get us in said shit hole.
com'n sonnn! it's gonna take a bit longer & lots MORE hard work to get out of it.

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