Sunday, October 10, 2010

learning secrets presents: sleigh bells @ beauty bar, october 9th 2010

tried to avoid the austin city limits festival as much as possible this year. got to leave town for work on thursday & even had a chance to stop in houston to hang w/one of my besties in her new/old digs.
couldn't stay away for the epicness @ @booty bar saturday night though. noise pop duo, @sleigh bells, were brought to town by the @learning secrets crew. i made it back to town just in time to wait during the longest soundcheck ever! i think there were some issues w/a sound board or something like it, whatever it was, it took a long time to get derek & alexis on stage. during the 2nd song, alexis' vocals were barely audible, but after that speed bump everything went smoothly. short. but smooth.
this was the 2nd time to see slay bells, & they have lived up to the slay part both times.
check out all the side stage shots i took!

Sleigh Bells: A/B Machines from comandante quito on Vimeo.

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