Saturday, October 30, 2010

giant steps productions presents: east side zombie pub crawl, october 29th 2010

my boy 'the bone' over @ giant steps productions & the lovely ashley whipped up a great zombie soirée on the east side of austin's drinkin' scene.
it all started out @ the liberty, where 30 undead joined up for some tasty zombie hour draaanks.
stop numbero dos was the new joint on the east 6th block, italo's pizza, where the zombie crew doubled in size!. benny from now dead creekside & still kickin' 04 lounge fame is makin' some really tasty pizza's @ this cool spot. please check 'em out when you get hungries.
stop numero tres was the brixton, where we met up w/so many zombies that i pretty much lost count. either that or i got tipsy!
stop numero cuatro was rio rita. i was not able to get their famed tasty bevies 'cause the line was just nuts! good time though. lots of great zombies!
stop numbero cinco was @ cheer up charlie's, where we met up w/zombies & bears & got to enjoy some fine tunes from the appropriately named butcher bear & charlie. no bevies @ this fine establishment either 'cause of the loooong zombie lines & lack of ca$h :(
the night got sweatier & bloodier @ the last stop of the crrrawl, iron gate. peligrosa's very own pagame & hobo d made our undead bodies rock w/a special guest spot from raw word chief dj orión.
though this first[?] east side zombie pub crawl pales in comparison to the big daddy crawl in minneapolis, we still got a great group of party people out for a super fun time.
thanks to all the bars, to james & ashley for putting together a great event & to all the pretty zombies for coming out.
enjoy my amigos muertos!

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