Wednesday, September 22, 2010

video premiere: @_cubiczirconia- hoes come out at night (ft. lex)

got a chance to meet this trio of awesomeness during sxsw oh ten. they were being interviewed by karma loop clothing @ beauty bar, right next to my foto booth set up. the lead singer, tiombe lockhart, was just off the chain! the group was asked "what are the best tacos in austin?" by the KL interviewer, as the other 2 members of CZ answered, her response was something along the lines of "right now, it's my pink taco" BOOM. i don't know if i was the only one who caught it, but she looked over at me & we giggled like a couple of 13 y/o's.
their music ain't bad either.
check out CZ's new video below.
<3'n it!


From Giant Steps Productions Present: SHITFACED @ Booty Bar

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