Saturday, September 18, 2010

bit of some night life from the early parts of septiembre 2010

my buddy trey aka manolo black invited me to the machete premiere afterpart @ austin studios. there were loads of free dos equis, apparently some tacos, austin cum l.a. types, celebrities like peligrosa all star @dj orión, lax's ms. erin j., ms. elise g. & mr. javier v.. oh, & danny trejo, michelle rodriguez, ken leung, robert rodriguez, davíd garza were also there.

from a quick night out on friday...
my homies from @unwed fathers did their thing @ thunderbird e., then a quick jaunt to booty bar for some dancin' w/my favorite ladies dj hero d, super host isabel j & lax's yadira b.
check it:

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