Tuesday, September 21, 2010

peligrosa's newest member, sonora, drops "siempre fresco" ep!

i think more artists need to take advantage of the name your own price format.
not sayin' this 'cause i'm a stingy piece of shit, but economists have actually studied it and found that it's a viable way to sell a product. check out what these nerds have found: freakonomics!
back to the musica! @peligrosa's new kid on the block, hailin' from san anotnio, joseph perez aka: @sonora, just drop'd the "siempre fresco" ep.
got to peep his skills last month during the @peligrosa party, then he drop'd some bombs last friday @ club deville.
highly recommend y'all download these 5 tracks & throw a few bones his way so we can hear more from this very talented homeboy!

<a href="http://sonora.bandcamp.com/album/siempre-fresco-ep">SIempre Fresco EP by Sonora</a>

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