Monday, August 23, 2010

voodoo cowboy entertainment presents: da punto beat + peligrosa all stars @ the belmont, august 14th 2010

thanks for the @peligrosa fam for hookin' it up @ this swank azz private party!
what a fuckin' freak show via voodoo cowboy. 'em fools know how to throw down! open bar all fuckin' nite! fire dancers + painted/naked ladies + some great lookin' food [wasn't too hungry, didn't partake] + the who's who in austin!
had a foto boner from all the sexxxy mo'fo's:
@manolo black + @pagame + @dj_orion + @hobo_d + @zeale + @dancewithlax + so many more!
got to meet some new buds from mejico, @da punto beat!
got suckered into takin' a dive into lady bird lake @ 3am.
damn you grrrrrrrzul!!!!

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