Thursday, August 26, 2010

revenants @ red 7 & peligrosa all stars w/jubilee @ club de ville, august 20th 2010

fuckin' punk showcase send off for the krum bums' tour @red 7.
was aksed to take fotos of revenants with my buddies allen idle on vocals and the most prolific drummer this side of the mason dixon, eric idle.

headed over to club de ville for a lil' sweaty dancin' w/the @peligrosa all stars and special guest @jess jubilee from the big apple.
errrbody was out in full effect, dancin', sweatin', drinkin', smokin' & most importantly lookin' all kinds o' HAWWWT!!!
as always, thanks to the crew: @manolo black + @pagame + @dj orión + @hobo d + all of the friendly bodies that make this night so much fun. xo

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