Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mark "showdown" medley's going away festival: unwed fathers + watching the moon + moltyverse + bob showdown + like dogs @ mohawk, july 5th 2010

good friend of the fam & all around renaissance man, mark "showdown" medley, headed out to the warm sunny beaches of hawaii w/his lovely wife.
the least he could do is throw down one last time w/the incredible bob showdown & that raw good shit from the moltyverse @ the mohawk.
good friends were there to wish our friends good travels: unwed fathers + watching the moon + like dogs + jesse moore/hobomouth + bridge farmers [sorry for leaving early & not shootin' all the bands, it was a loooooong weekend of debauchary & had to work the next day. bwaaaaah bwaaaaaah bwaaaaaah!!!]
wish you the best out there medley's! keep it pimp! lionel richie style.

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