Saturday, August 20, 2011

video: the other shoe by fucked up

2 years ago in brooklyn i got to see fucked up perform for the 1st time.
it was an amazing final day to my 1st visit of NYC.

1 1/2 years ago i saw them again @ the east-side drive-in during sxsw oh10.

i saw 'em last a few months ago @ free press summer fest in houston, tx.

each time i see fucked up, each time the blow my mind!
they've become one of my favorite bands.
they've got an amazing front man.
they're incredible talented.
they play their asses off every time.

this is "the other shoe" from "david comes to life":

every time someone says that there's no good rock & roll being made, show 'em this!

related, but kinda not...
found this article about the guitarist for the band chavez and saw this sweeeeeet ass picture:

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