Monday, June 21, 2010

1st annual broadhill 2on2 b-ball tourney + world cup bbq, june 12th 2010

coach smiznO & the broadhill ballers are some hard partyin' mothertruckers!
a keg, tons of meats on the grills, usa v. uk on the big screen tv, dj avi on the dex & b-ball under the mean mean sun!
yours truly & unweddave got their asses handed to 'em by kid slyce & zeale, duh! [next time, imma get y'all!!!] in the 1st round. then bunch of other cats hoop'd & brawl'd until only team buddy reigned over all. personally, i think there was some home court advantage.
all in all, i had a great time day-chillin' w/a lot really cool gatos.
thanks justin, smiznO, adam & everyone else for a great saturday.

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