Thursday, January 21, 2010

subcomandante quito does the holidaze!

took a break during the xxxmas break to visit family & decided that since everyone has a goddamned point-n-shoot, i would go on a vacation from fotog'n.
soon as i got back my homies @ plush asked me to take pictures of the staff/regulars holiday party. we even had a santa givin' away some tasty coke-zero!
thanks to jake, mez, skinny, seij & everyone else @ my fave dive bar! <3 y'all!

the end of that devil decade came & went anticlimactically. i was supposed to work, but then didn't [kinda wanted to make a lil' scratch]. figured the best way to end the year is with the peeps i know & love.
stopped by the mohawk & cheered on my homies manolo black & dj pagame warmin' up the outdoors crowd, then kicked it w/hobo d & orión keepin' it toasty indoors. it was a great year w/my peligrosa all stars brothers.
rang the new one in w/the fam @ plush.
afterparty @ the music gym w/the peen scene, cauze one, dubbel dutch, pagame, parson & all the die-hard partiers!

big <3 to all my friends in the O-10!

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