Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the madness @ booty bar + rebirth of brass band @ ace's lounge, january 2010

the adverb cantankerous just popped into my head.
[looked it up & found out its meaning & etymology]
the way this word sounds, more so than its actual definition, describes my current state of mind.
maybe it's a 1/3 life crisis.
almost 31 is old enough to be jaded, but not completely.
during the week i want to stay home all the time, but the weekend calls me out like some sort of siren in greek mythology. i wanna be a boring old dude, but won't let go of my partying ways.
maybe the fact that i'm questioning my lifestyle is a sign that my times they are a-changin'.
whoa! i thought this was a party fotog blog?!?!
my buddies from the madness played a show @ booty bar & my holmes francisco organized an incredible show @ ace's lounge ft. rebirth of brass band, kid slyce of table manners, dj orión of raw word records & zeale.

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