Thursday, November 5, 2009

MSTRKRFT + orión + king louie @ republic douche, october 30th 2009

one of my favorite dj acts came to town, but probs the worst nightclub.
i don't know how much the republic douche owner/promoter paid toronto, canada's MSTRKRFT, but it must've been a pretty shiny motherfuckin' nickel!
the crowd was thick w/douchebaggery, shitty über gel'd hair, tight ed hardy t-shirts & the female version of that.
the red river/7th street scene was rep'd proper by my boys orión & king louie. they definitely got the crowd bumpin' before our northern visitors dropped in & bounced off w/their bottle of crown.
the peen scene was all up on it w/some great shots to the dome! ;) fuckin' kids need to know better than to mess w/mike & jenn scene!
i nearly got my ass kicked by a gang of 6 mexican fresas/wannabe tuffs. conveniently brave when bow'n up to a skinny geek w/out his homies. had to twice talk 'em out of beating on me 'cause i wasn't the one who whooped on their holmes. jeesh!
i'm really glad to hear that some of my peeps got their $ back.

enough bullshit! aside from the drama kids, the music is all that mattered:

check out the peen scene view.


  1. hahaha! thanks for the shout, homie! just a lil bit of street justice.

  2. Ed Hardy shirts and baseball caps = Douchebag