Friday, November 13, 2009

fun fun fun fest 2009 @ waterloo park, november 7 + 8 2009

this is really OUR festival!
got to hang out w/tons of friends, met tons of new friends, saw tons of great bands, said goodbye [for now?] to an amazing band of friends, got totally muddy, totally drunk, totally wet & most of all... totally fun/fun/fun!
thanks to austinist for getting me hooked up w/a media wristband, some tasty coffee & breakfast tacos. thanks to the peligrosa all stars for hooking up the backstage access to their set for some great pictures!
i had the pleasure of meeting & shootin' the shit w/chris cubas of the altercation punk comedy group, also shook hands w/king khan right after he played guitar, backing up gza the genius. the blue stage manager told me NOT to take pics of a certain well endowed young sister's heiny ;). i totally mcgyver'd a plastic bag cover for my camera during sunday's downpour. gza the genius gave me some of his miller lite [?] & totes drunkenly hit on my homegirl Y. got called out by todd barry for using my flash during his set, even though i asked him before-hand whether i could.
more tidbits will be added as i remember them [did i mention i got pretty drunk that weekend?]



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