Saturday, October 24, 2009

the unrealistic dream of "bipartisan" health insurance reform

i really don't get it!
the white house wants the almighty olympia snowe to vote for their watered down version of the public plan in order to achieve the holy grail of a "bipartisan" bill. they hope that she will attract d.i.n.o's [democrats in name only] to vote along w/her. does the white house not realize that their critics will still call foul, they will still call this "socialist" legislature, they will say the white house "rammed" the bill through, etc., etc.? it doesn't matter how "bipartisan" the bill is president obama, your critics will still call you hitler, anti-christ, mao tse-tung, et al.
why not just get the best bill passed, get a robust public option that covers a majority of united states citizens? remember your campaign promise of health care for all?!
have you seen the polls that show that less americans now consider themselves republicans than EVER?! if the white house gets a real health insurance overhaul bill passed through, if it truly helps citizen's access to health care, the democratic party [which you are a part of] will be compensated w/votes. if you pass REAL health insurance reform, the democratic party will reign for a loooooong time.
i understand the health insurance insurance industry is in the pockets of some of the administration [maybe not now, but surely in the past], but this is a cross roads, the obama white house will go down in history for not only having the 1st black president, but for passing legislature that changed this country in a deeply & positively profound way.
STOP this "bipartisan" wet dream! it's not realistic & it really will not be effective in providing us w/the help we need.
i am nearly $20,000 in the hole w/the health care industry because i happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. a [most likely] drunk driver ran a red light & i was struck while riding my bicycle at about 25 mph. my story is nothing compared to the woman who was shot by a suicidal killer & now is in debt for all the care she received, or the baby who was too "obese" to receive health insurance, or my friend's roommate who was struck by a car while [also] riding his bicycle & spent weeks in intensive care, or the riverboat gamblers' guitarist who was also in a bicycle vs. auto wreck & is still in intensive care along w/a quickly growing pile of bills next to him [help here]. these stories are just a handful of the millions out there.
help us, help your country!
UPDATE: if you agree, we're not alone! go HERE to add your name to the list.

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  1. in the words of Ralph Wiggim, "It's un-possible!"

    p.s.-Olympia Snowe is F.U.G.L.Y.