Friday, October 2, 2009

dj swamp @ barcelona + table manners crew w/king louie @ plush + orión @ creekside, september 19th 2009

3 bars + 5 dj's + 1 horny immigrant = a dirty good time.
dj swamp is one crazy motherfucker! but he's a mad genius on the decks. got to see the beginning of his set @ barcelona & i'm so glad to have made it. last time i saw 'im @ red eyed fly, it was kind of a let down. this time, in the coziness of austin's only dirty/basement/dj/electronic-music bar, he killed!

next up my homeboy king louie joined forces w/dj digg + kid slyce of table manners crew to rippin' good times @ plush. gooch!

i stopped by creekside lounge right before closing time to say hi to my homeboy orión & got some choice snaps of the kids doing naughty/dirty things:

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