Thursday, July 9, 2009

peligrosa all stars arrive in nyc july 7th, 2009

the 1st day/night in new york city was full of mad debauchary!
met up w/hobo d @ la guardia, 1 & 1/2 hours late thanks to some crazy downpour in houston. we took a bus to the closest train station, then arrived in long island city to meet manolo black & my new homeboy grenade! left our gear @ g's & he took off back to work. manolo b/hobo d/me went off to brooklyn to meet up w/orión for some dominican grub. we drank a couple of beers, the boys ate some greasy/meaty goodness, i had some greasy/veggie goodness. oh, so tasty!
we walked around throwin' up some peligrosa fliers & checkin' out some trendy/hipster hoods in brooklyn. we met up w/grenade @ k&m bar for a couple of beers, then we all roll'd to a rooftop party for a bbq/meet & greet w/some LAMC folk. we had a blast meetin' some really cool folks & enjoyin' the great view from the roof.
we went back to k&m & got more booze in us. orión & hobo d hook'd up their lappys to the sound system & played some good tunes. we got pretty shellack'd... 'nuff said.

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