Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 live crew @ mohawk, say what! @ plush, trouble & bass crew @ booty, & after party @ music gym! june 25th 2009

hawt diggity! this was an EPIC night!
started out @ rabbit's on e. 6th shootin' the filmin' of sonido boombox's intro [can't show this foto set 'til the video's debut], then book'd it majorly to mohawk so i could "sneak" in w/orión & his gear, drank some brews, hung out w/the honeys from avant salon, got some shots of the openin' acts [richardhenry/orión, ms. prissy, dubb sicks & dmg$], then 2 live crew got on stage & got the big/small booty h0@s to shake it on the dance floor!

i kinda got fed up w/the show & roll'd to plush for some bassline/electro/fidget/bmore courtesy of mez one, cauze one, dubbel dutch & orión. got totally blitzed & "high w/a little help from my friends". even got to dance w/some lovely birds!

still had a lil' bit of time to check out the trouble & bass crew @ booty bar. DANG! those kids seriously bring the noize. i really wanna catch an entire set by these cats!
after hours was a must for so many great shows on the 7th/red river district. music gym did not disappoint! it was a total sweaty mess w/king louie, orión & anna love on the 1's & 2's. seems like everyone who came out to mohawk/plush/booty decided to prolong the night @ the gym.
wherever mj went, he must've been lookin' up/down on tons of kids dancin' the night away! such bittersweet night...
@ around 3:30am i somehow ;) managed to sober up enough to realize that it was time to ride home, sleep 4 hours & get to work...
just another thursday night?

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