Tuesday, May 8, 2012

april foto bombz!

been a busy month for this d00d:

here are a few sets i've worked on in the last couple of months.
mo' comin' soon!
mo' betta' comin' later!
started workin' with a canon 5d mk ii last month + i'm lovin' it!!!
also, started an informal fotog class last night.
pretty fuckin' stoked to re-learn the basics.

peligrosa @ scoot inn:

master blaster soundsystem @ hotel vegas + cauze one/manolo black @ volstead:

the barbarian group + TUMBLR presents: orhty + japandroids + wavves + kool keith @ mohawk

applied pressure presents: eliot lipp @ the ND:

PELIGROSA @ chupacabra cantina #SXSWhatttt?!?!?!:

Moombahton Massive @ Chupacabra Cantina from comandante quito on Vimeo.

knuckle rumbler presents: rise n shine ft. 10yr + kydd + crew 54 + subkulture patriots + MDK @ the ND:

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