Monday, March 5, 2012

sxswhatttt?!?!?!? or how i'm an OCD nerd B)

i know there are plenty of other web sites offering up lists of free shows & such, but this is my own personal calendar that will share with any of my lovely readers out there ;) check out some free parties going on during south by southwest 2012:


  1. Did you know there was a website that charged $30 to rsvp you and a friend for as many free parties they could find? In the end, I would say about 10% of parties actually checked to see if your name was on the rsvp list. SXSW is so ridiculous at this point!

  2. yeah, these RSVP parties have become a way for sponsors to get your email address & send you shit until you take the time to unsubscribe.
    there are only a hand full of events that actually looked at RSVP lists.