Thursday, January 13, 2011

#freeweek: the means @red_7 + bonus foto shoot + "stand up" single, january 4th 2011

this was pretty much it for me during free week oh.eleven.
i was totally drained from my 2 week xxxmas/nye staycation in austin.
started gettin' sick 'round this specific night.
a bummer, but did manage to get some much needed rest for these 30+ y/o bones.
my homeboy dialek fronts this 4-5 piece unit called the means.
they have been playing around austin for the better part of oh.ten & it feels like oh.eleven is gonna bring some well deserved attention their way.
the fellas opened up this hip hop showcase to a good crowd of headz. i was stoked to hear quite a number of new tracks they've been working on since i last saw 'em.
check 'em out on stage:

also got to shoot some band fotos for the boys in the red 7 green room before their set:

in the spirit for free week, dialek sent me a track for all your hungry ears:

The Means - Stand Up @ ComandanteQuito

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