Wednesday, December 1, 2010

fail in life, thus far. #1 in an ongoing series...

as much as this is a blog on fotos, sometimes politiks, sometimes film/movies, & seldom quirky/funny shit; the one unifying thing that keeps it together is music.
this is gonna be a music post.
this one is about one of my biggest fails in life.
i was perusin' the interwebz when i came across a blog post from boy-cott magazine about a new documentary, directed by michael rappaport, on legendary hip hop crew a tribe called quest.
this is where that major fail in life dawned on me.
a tribe called quest was the 2nd CD i ever bought [1st CD will be the subject of another post in the 'fail in life' series].
midnight marauders truly saved me from being some wannabe thuglet in northwest austin back in the early 90's. it opened up my ears to a different type of hip hop. one that wasn't about violence or the objectification of women. one that was influenced by jazz and bebop and so much more.
phife dawg + q-tip + ali shaheed muhammad + [sometimes] jarobi weren't larger than life, they were dudes who loved music, they were like any homie i had in school, but with talent galore.
i went on to seek all of a tribe called quest's music and any other music related to the native tongues posse. they were my gateway drug into my lifelong addiction w/hip hop music.
so, here's where i've failed: i never got to see these hip hop heroes live.
they even toured again sometime in 2006-07.
i thought i'd have another chance.
here's a preview of the documentary:

i hope to this fail becomes a win.

newer preview video!

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